Rambles // Spring Time Excitement

Spring has arrived! The sun has been shining, there is a hint of warmth in the air, longer days (thank you sun!), and just overall springiness abounds!  Following a frozen February the change is being welcomed with open arms.

Basically, the sunshine and weather change is making my life better. I am making plans for Spring and Summer. One big thing that I’m looking into is doing a little garden! I’m hoping to have some flowers on an outdoor windowsill as well as maybe growing a few small vegetables and herbs. I don’t think I have a green thumb, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it a black thumb either. You can even jump over to my Pinterest Garden Board to see all of the exciting ideas I have come across!

pinterest garden

Those of you who are seasoned gardeners and natural green thumbs, do you have any tips for a beginner?

In addition to planning a garden, I have been planning some spring activities and decorating ideas as well. I think I will venture out to Hobby Lobby this week to gather a few springy things. Part of being a semi-newlywed is you have to slowly build your collection of decor for varying seasons. I try to buy a new piece or two for different holidays/seasons so I can slowly grow a collection of things to choose from. First on my list? A pretty spring wreath, preferably with some pretty greenery and lots of flowers. Now to decide whether to buy or DIY…

A few other things on my spring prep list consist of cleaning a few things, switching out winter/spring clothes at the end of this month, and preparing to combat allergy season. I plan to write on my solution for that soon! (I know, I know, broken promises galore). But seriously, I promise to write more. Soon.

Until then, embrace the warmer weather (pretending you don’t see snow on the forecast later this week), and get ready for spring!

2 thoughts on “Rambles // Spring Time Excitement

  1. Meg, I have started lots of pepper and tomato plants already. They are not ready to transplant or give away just yet but will be in around a month, give or take. I have plenty of extras to share if you want some!! I love to garden and love to see others get excited about it also! 🙂


    • Beth that would be fantastic! I will get in touch with you about this for sure! I have never grown anything but I’m ready to at least attempt it this summer 🙂


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