Why I Blog

In case you haven’t noticed, this blog has been a little dead recently. I’ve been a little lost in this blog world. Lots of wondering, dreaming, question asking, blog writing and then deleting. The weekly menu is about all I can scrounge up these days. I hope for more, plan for more, and then nothing else happens. Plenty of thoughts have run through my head regarding the future of this blog, but I haven’t been able to make any decisions.

This past week Moriah at Untidy Grace wrote a blog-post on why she blogs. Then she contacted me and challenged me to write a post about Why I Blog. I figured responding to this challenge would help determine what the future of this blog holds.

image1 (2)So I sat. thought. soul-searched. reminisced.

Here are the reasons why I blog –

I blog to record life. | My first blog was created in December 2008. I have gone months at a time without posting, but I have been writing for nearly 7 years. 7 crucial years of my life have been played out in the crazy blogging world. 7 years filled with trials, relationships, college, marriage, and more. 7 years of constant change. 7 years chronicled in a public place.

I blog to declare God’s sovereignty.  | Through 7 years of blogging I have declared my Father’s work in my life over and over. His plans, His power, His grace, His love. I make public testament to His hand in my life. This blog would be nothing without Christ, and I have no desire to write without including Him.

I blog to process thoughts. | I write a lot. I type out my frustrations, my fears, my sorrows, and my joy. I have never been great at vocalizing what all I’m feeling, but writing it out? That I can do. Writing causes me to think about things and truly process what I’m feeling. This blog has been a space to publish those thoughts. (I think this is a major thing for most bloggers, anyone else?)

I blog to share. | I like to share things. Projects, pictures, ideas, plans, convictions. Something about getting it out there makes me feel more accountable, able, and encouraged. When I share my menu plan, I feel like I actually need to stick to it. When I tell you about the struggles I’m facing, I feel encouraged to keep fighting. Oh, and sometimes, I feel like what I have to say has a little bit of worth or importance, and I want to use this platform to share what I can.

I blog because of the blogging community. | I LOVE the blogging community and this whole blogging world. I love being a part of people all over the world sharing things that encourage, challenge, and inspire. I love feeling like I’m an extended part of so many families across the world as they share their lives with me, and I with them. Really, I love it.

I blog because I love it. | No, its not perfect (what is?). But when it all boils down, I truly love everything that comes with blogging, and its hard to imagine my life without this little internet space. I think I’ll stick around, at least a little while longer.

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