The Deans Eat // Forty Four

Better late than never, right? I purposed that I WOULD get my menu posted this week. However, we got home and fell into bed after a weekend in Ohio last night. Then today I worked all day, grabbed a quick bite to eat, went to work-out, grocery shopped, and now I’m here! It has been a pretty spectacular day & weekend, I’m curled up watching Netflix with husband, and I’m just feeling like I’m in a really good place right now, which is nice for a change.

Now, let’s get to the menu for the week. I have seen great success in my eating habits since I started planning all my meals and knowing what snacks are in the house. Seriously though, if you are struggling with your eating habits, plan out of all your meals for the week and see what happens.



Monday || Breakfast / Smoothie | Lunch / Leftovers | Dinner / Pizza & Salad

Tuesday || Breakfast / Egg Sandwich | Lunch / Pesto Flatbread | Dinner / Greek Grilled Chicken, Squash & Zucchini, and Rice

Wednesday || Breakfast / Smoothie | Lunch / PB&J | Dinner / Spaghetti

Thursday || Breakfast / Hot Cereal | Lunch / Leftover Pasta | Dinner / Chicken Tacos

Friday || Breakfast / Smoothie | Lunch / Leftover Tacos| Dinner / Potato Soup & Sandwiches

Saturday || Breakfast / French Toast | Lunch / Leftovers | Dinner / Wedding Celebration

Sunday || Out of Town

Snacks || Fruit, Veggies, Cheese & Crackers, and Granola Bars

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