The Deans Eat // Forty Five

Today marks 2 years since we said “I do”.  It’s been a long, yet wonderful two years. I wouldn’t have wanted to share these years (and my life!) with anyone else. Who knows what these next few years will hold, I’m so incredibly thankful to know he will by my side through it. I love you Husband!

|You can read various posts about our relationship here, here, here, here, and here!|


We spent the weekend in Charleston, celebrating a the marriage of some friends, as well as relaxing at a local event. It really was a perfect weekend, but we got home super late last night, and well Monday is Monday. Back to the realities of life!

This week’s menu plan is a pretty simple one, but with a few things in there that I cannot wait to have (Pinot Grigio Citrus Chicken? YUM!)! Last week we had a few surprising things pop-up and things didn’t go exactly as planned, but overall it was a success.


Monday || Breakfast / Smoothie | Lunch / PB&J | Dinner / Chicken Tacos (didn’t make last week)

Tuesday || Breakfast / Egg Sandwich | Lunch / Leftovers | Dinner / Anniversary Celebration (a day late)

Wednesday || Breakfast / Smoothie | Lunch / 4 Ways | Dinner / Pesto Flatbread

Thursday || Breakfast / Hot Cereal | Lunch / Soup | Dinner / Skillet Lasagna

Friday || Breakfast / Smoothie | Lunch / Leftovers | Dinner / Pinot Grigio Citrus Chicken, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and Sauteed Squash

Saturday || Lunch / Leftovers | Dinner / Out or Make-up Meal (If we miss a meal)

Sunday || Baked Italian Chicken, Caesar Salad, & Bread

Snacks || Fruit, Veggies, Cheese & Crackers, and Granola Bars



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