2 Years // Anniversary Celebration

As I mentioned earlier this week, Monday was our 2 year wedding anniversary. 2 years of wonderful, hard, amazing, self-sacrificing, forgiving, comforting, fantastic marriage. Really, it’s been the greatest two years. What better way to celebrate 2 years of marriage, than to do a few of your favorite things with your very best friend?

*please forgive the iPhone pictures, one day I’ll break out my real camera*

Sunday, we kicked off our celebration at Symphony Sunday, which is a fantastic event in Charleston. A day filled with local music, local artists, and all the best festival food. The day concludes with the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra putting on quite the show, with a fireworks finale. It is one of my very favorite events to attend, and when it fell the day before our anniversary I begged husband to take me, which he so happily obliged. It was incredibly hot, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. Local pizza, Symphony Lemonade (the best in the world), and funnel cake. Yum! One of the best parts though? Getting to see the sweetest couple dance their hearts out, not caring that they were the only ones doing it and that everyone was watching. He was 91 and she was 88, and my heart just about burst over the sweetness. image1 - Copy (3)

The event takes place on the UC lawn, with the most beautiful view of our state capitol.

image2 - Copy (3)

seriously, the best lemonade ever; plus husband not tolerating my selfies.

We were busy with work, homework, and various other things on Monday that we decided to post-pone our official celebration dinner. Tuesday arrived, I got slightly dolled up and out we went. We weren’t in the mood for anything particularly fancy, but we decided on The Dish Cafe which is a superb local spot  which prides itself in local, natural, and delicious eats. Seriously, fellow West Virginians, check this place out!

image2 - Copy (2)

Husband got a special order of Hawaiian Ribs, Cherry Pepper Slaw, and Sweet Potato Fries which he inhaled rather quickly. Two thumbs up from him!image1 - Copy (2)

I had the “Ridiculously Good Chicken”, baked potato, and zucchini. Also, the ketchup on my plate, was actually for husband. Our sides got switched around a bit. Two thumbs up from me too!

While we waited for our food, I asked husband a few questions that have been going around Facebook. His answers are below (my comments too 😉 ).

1) What is something your wife says to you? No (eh, what can I say.)
2) What makes your wife happy? When I (husband) do the dishes and make the bed
3) What makes your wife sad? When someone lies to her
4) How does your wife make you laugh? When she goofs off and I ask her how old she is and she responds “TWO!”
5) What was your wife like as a child? Bossy (There’s no denying the truth folks)
6) How old is your wife? 21
7) How tall is your wife? 5’6
8) What is her favorite thing to do? Work on organizing her life and planner
9) What does your wife do when you’re not around? Starts to clean, but makes a huge mess that she needs help finishing once I’m home. (Its happened more times than I want to admit)
10) If your wife becomes famous, what will it be for? Planning events
11) What is your wife really good at? Cooking and taking care of things, also planning
12) What is your wife not good at? Staying calm
13) What does your wife do for a job? Collections
14) What’s your wife’s favorite food? Pasta
15) What makes you proud of your wife? When she plans things and they go well (see a theme?) 
16) If your wife were a character, who would she be? Mia Thermopolis from Princess Diaries. A little crazy and frazzled, but overall amazing. 
17) What do you and your wife do together? Binge watch Netflix
18) How are you and your wife the same? We can both be pretty goofy
19) How are you and your wife different? I like numbers, and she likes words. 
20) How do you know your wife loves you? She makes me dinner every day
21) What does your wife like most about you?  That I’m a ginger (It’s true, I love it)
22) Where is your wife’s favorite place to go? The moon & TJ Maxx (The moon because EVERYTIME he asks me where I want to go or do, my response is go the moon)

Overall I see two themes here —

1) I like to plan things, maybe I should make a career out of it?

2) I’m apparently pretty goofy. Ha!

Anyways, we finished out the night with some frozen custard from our favorite local stand, Berkshire’s! It was a perfect night, with my favorite person. Thanks for letting me share these wonderful times with you all! image3 - Copy (2)


Until next time!


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