Currently | August

Once upon a time I participated in a fun weekly link-up called The Sunday Currently. Sadly the link-up was discontinued and I lacked the drive to complete it every Sunday. I miss it though. I miss the set-up, the prompts, and more. I don’t miss being tied down to it weekly though. So I thought, what about monthly? It’s worth a try I’d say!

I had planned on doing this on my own and releasing a mid-month post each month, but last month I discovered something. I was clicking through Bloglovin’  and a couple of my regular reads had linked up to a monthly “Currently” post. How have I not noticed this before? I wanted to participate last month but it just didn’t happen. However, I’m going to make it happen this month!

There are two awesome hosts of this link-up Jenna from Gold & Bloom and Anne from In Residence. I’m so excited to be joining these wonderful ladies and all of the other bloggers that participate. Link-up’s are one of my favorite ways to participate in the blogging community and I have desperately missed them. So without further adieu, my very first monthly currently post!


CREATING | Blog content. In case you haven’t noticed, this is my THIRD post this week (say what?!). I am working regularly on creating content and getting some things figured out. I miss this space and being able to share here regularly. It is kind of amazing to me that being on vacation just filled my head with all these blogging ideas. I think vacation and stepping away for a bit was just what I needed.

WISHLISTING | The makings of a luxury bed. Vacation was filled with some of the most amazing beds and sleep I have experienced in a while. So now I am on a hunt to make our bed just as luxurious. However, I don’t have an endless supply of funds to spend on this luxury bed, so lets see if I can pull this off on a budget.

HOPING | To get organized. Life has been a little bit crazy this summer. I’m ready for things to calm down and to settle in to some routines and organization around here. Hopefully I can share some of this journey with you!

EATING | Some of my favorite summer foods. Grilled foods, salads, and citrus everything! Do you have any must try summer recipes before the season fades away? Also completely unrelated to summer – homemade chocolate chip cookies are a must this week.

WATCHING | Not too much Netflix these days. We are trying to break our habit of spending our evenings watching Netflix and finding some other things to-do, especially before Husband heads back to school. I think so often we are just lazy because by the time I get off work and make dinner, we’ve only got like 3 hours until Husband needs to sleep, so instead we just do nothing. Not this week my friends! We will have fun and do things other than binge watch Netflix.


5 thoughts on “Currently | August

  1. I am enjoying this linkup too 🙂 I love summer, but also am ready for things to slow down and get into a good life routine – we moved in June and need to get it together! have a great day!


    • Yes! I’m a sucker for a good schedule. I’m ready to get settled into our fall routine. Good luck on getting settled from your move! We moved the last two summers, I’m thankful that wasn’t in the cards this year!


  2. So glad you’ve joined us! And I love this idea of creating a luxury bed… why not bring home the awesome parts of vacation that you can have for always?! 🙂


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