Weekend Dreaming

Happy Friday Friends! 

Can we just all agree the first work week after vacation is a ROUGH one? I’m very happy to see Friday arrive and that I haven’t gone completely insane this week. Three cheers for the weekend!

I don’t know about you, but I always enter the weekend with pretty high hopes. Dreams of sleeping in, cooking, cleaning, socializing, relaxing, preparing, and more. However, Friday night hits and I stay up too late watching Netflix, sleep in too late Saturday, frantically try to get a few things done, prepare for church on Sunday, spend Sunday busy with church and then fall asleep with Husband for a too long Sunday nap and regret the decision the rest of the evening, and then all of a sudden it’s Monday again. Please tell me I’m not the only one in this vicious cycle?!

Okay, moving on. I have a few plans for this weekend, although most of the time it seems more like dreams. I figured I’d share my little weekend list with you all. I don’t want to call it a To-Do list because that just doesn’t sound very fun. Plus I think I have a pretty good mix of want-to & need-to. What are your weekend plans?

hello weekend1. Make chocolate chip cookies – This is the result of a long work week. I’m in dire need of some homemade cookies. That is, if it makes it into cookie form. Cookie dough addict over here!!! 

2. Phone date with my New England Bestie – Life is crazy, and I’m thankful for texting and social media, but sometimes a girl just needs to sit down and chat.

3. Jewelry Organization | Phase 1 – My jewelry is a disaster. Straight up insanity. It’s time to sort, purge, and come up with new storage solutions. Phase 1 – Earrings. 

4. Finish unpacking – When you have been busy since returning, unpacking gets pushed to the back burner, but its time to stop living out of a suit case.

5. Movie with Husband – I’m not sure what this will be or if it will be at home or out, but  I just wanna eat some popcorn and watch a movie. Any suggestions?

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