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I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!

I love blog


Not only do I love writing blogs I also love reading blogs! To read blogs I use an awesome app called Bloglovin’. Each day during my morning break, I sit down with my phone and scroll through all the new posts from my favorite bloggers. It’s a “pretty” app and is very easy to use. If you are a regular blog reader I absolutely recommend this app to keep up with all your blog favorites. You can, of course, find and follow me on Bloglovin’ as well and I would love to have you join me!

Click here | Follow my blog with Bloglovin

In addition to Bloglovin’ I love to keep up with all my favorite bloggers through Instagram and Facebook.

You may have noticed the pretty little addition over there on the side of all my recent pictures, but have you followed me on Instagram? It’s probably my favorite social media, and it would be even more enjoyable if you joined me for the journey! You can find me on IG by searching Itsmegdean.

Now for an embarrassing confession. I made my blog’s Facebook page ages ago, but I haven’t made it public yet. I’m not really sure why, because in the long run it really is for the best, but I’ve been a chicken. However, I finally took the plunge and hit publish today! So now you can join me over in the Facebook world as well. My goal is to eventually stop bugging my close friends and family with my blog posts on my personal page, and just work off of the blog page. If you want updates and probably some more random posts that aren’t quite important enough for a blog post, then you can find me right here | It’s Meg Facebook Page.

Okay I’ll quite with shameless promotions now. I promise I am just sharing with you MY favorite ways to keep up with bloggers. If you’d rather just email subscribe, then that is fine by me. Have a happy day folks!




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