The Deans Eat // Fifty Three

Today is brought to you by exhaustion and excitement, anyone else with me?

The weekend came with plenty of girl time with a sweet friend before she heads back to college. We have known each other since Kindergarten, though I can’t say we’ve been friends the whole time. Thankfully as we got older we grew closer and I’m happy to have this girl in my life.

As we all know though, exciting weekends leave you with exhausted Mondays. HOWEVER I don’t have time to be exhausted because this evening I am taking a little roadtrip with my sister for some more girl time. Shew! This homebody introvert is going to need a major break after this week. Seriously though, I always love getting away with my sister, even if it’s for less than 48 hours.

This week also marks the beginning of Husband’s senior year *SQUEEEEAAALLLL*. We are incredibly excited for him to be entering his final year of schooling for this stage. I’m a bit sad I won’t be here for his first few days of classes, but he is of course forgiving and understanding. With a new semester, comes new challenges adjusting to his new school schedule, which means a new dinner schedule and plans for me. It typically takes a little bit of time to get used to it, but we will slip into our routine quickly I’m sure.

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Monday | Husband / Pasta — Wife / Roadtrip Eats

Tuesday | Husband / Chick-fil-A 1st Day of School Treat — Wife / Roadtrip Eats

Wednesday | Sandwiches

Thursday | Double Stuffed Lemon Garlic Chicken, Roasted Broccoli, and Mashed Potatoes

Friday | Chili Cornbread Bake

Saturday | Homemade Pizza

Sunday | Chicken Fajitas

One thought on “The Deans Eat // Fifty Three

  1. Love the menu. I have been sparatic with my menu this week because my husband is out of town so I don’t like to cook as nice of meals. I usually make things the kids will eat. Last night I made Asian Seseme Chicken and spicy chicken teriyaki noodles and it was soo good. Definitely going to be making that one again. Tonight is leftovers due to the husband being gone and not taking the leftovers for his lunch I get to eat them and the kids will have dinosaur chicken nuggets and mac n cheese. Tomorrow I am making chicken fajitas since the husband will be home by dinner time and loves Mexican food, Thursday I am making shredded buffalo chicken sandwiches and Friday I am not sure yet because it is payday so time to plan a two week menu and go get groceries. I hope your husband has a great first week back to school and you are having a blast with your sister.


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