Summer 2015 Bucket List | Conclusion

Sometimes no matter the amount of lists or plans you make, things still don’t turn out exactly as you had hoped. That was Summer 2015 for me. As I had mentioned, husband was taking summer classes and they were TOUGH. They basically sucked up any free time and our dreams of getting out and being busy turned into staying in, being hermits, and getting things done.

It’s okay though. It wasn’t a bad summer – just not what we had planned. I am slowly learning to embrace the good in every day no matter what it is. It’s not always easy! Anyways, I’ll stop blabbering and get to business. First, an update on my 10 things for the summer, then a few fun additions to the summer.

Summer Bucket List 2015

1. Go to a Drive-In Movie – Hmmmm, no. But this weeks movies look really good, so there is still hope!

2. Take Regular Walks – A couple, but definitely not regularly.

3. Take a Hike – Didn’t happen, maybe this fall?

4. Read 4 Books – I’m a little upset about this one. BUT in all reality I will actually probably have more reading time now that husband is back to school. So I still hope to read some books soon!

5. Develop A Blogging Schedule – Blogging schedule, nope. Get back in my blogging groove? YES!

6. Make Homemade Ice Cream – Sadly, no homemade ice cream was made or consumed. But we did enjoy a lot of ice cream this summer.

7. Go Putt-Putting – Yes! Twice actually. It’s always great even if it is extremely hard.

8. Take a break from Facebook – Thankfully I got a little social media break on vacation, but I think Husband and I may implement some more regular breaks in our lives.

9. Spend an afternoon at Summersville Lake – Sadly, no.

10. Make Homemade Freshly Squeezed Lemonade – I made some freshly squeezed lemonade a couple times, although I haven’t quite perfected it. Be on the lookout for a fun twist on it coming soon!

Now for a few things that made our summer pretty wonderful:

image1 - Copy (3)

Symphony Sunday Concert


-Rainy, Intimate, Acoustic concert with Tenth Avenue North


-Greenbrier Classic Concert with The Band Perry & Keith Urbanimage1 (1)

-4th of July Celebration | Parade, Baseball, & Fireworks


-Cruise to the Bahamas


-One Direction concert with my Sister (floor seats!!!!!!!)

I definitely don’t think I have any room to complain. It was a truly fantastic summer filled with fun experiences and many of my favorite people. When you’re an adult, summer isn’t necessarily anything too fantastic (helllooooo real life). I’m ready to dive into fall and maybe just maybe even winter (Just don’t tell my husband)




2 thoughts on “Summer 2015 Bucket List | Conclusion

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of fun, outdoor concerts!! Seems like you made the most of it even if it wasn’t in the way you had planned. 🙂 I honestly think a lot of the things you had planned for summer (such as hiking) will be nicer in the cool, Fall weather!


    • It really was pretty phenomenal, as I was writing this post I was kind of blown away at the fun things this summer consisted of! 🙂 Yes, I definitely agree plus I live in the mountains of WV so it will be gorgeous come early October!


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