Favorites | Jamberry Nail Wraps

Have you heard of Jamberry? Basically they are adorable vinyl nail wraps. They are made in the USA (woohoo!), are latex and toxin free, and are super gentle on your nails. Plus they are easy to apply, last a while, and really they are just SO CUTE.


Now, before we go any further I want to make sure you realize I’m not selling Jamberry and I haven’t been compensated in anyway to write this post. I just think this is a pretty amazing product that I want to share with all my friends.

I tried my first sample about a year ago. Honestly, the first time around it lasted about an hour and came off while I was washing dishes. Thankfully a friend was kind enough to send me another sample and some more instructions on application. This time, it stuck and lasted at least 5 or 6 days. I’m a bit of a nail picker so I ended up peeling them off, but I think they would have lasted even longer.


Fast forward a little while, I had an online party and got a ton of new wraps AND a mini-heater which let me tell you is a GAME CHANGER. I was using a blow-dryer previously which works great, but isn’t nearly as convenient. After this I still was only using a couple wraps at a time and doing accent nails, but never a full mani or pedi. Eventually I decided to do a full manicure and pedicure and I was amazed.

  1. They looked AMAZING.
  2. It didn’t take that long.
  3. It saved me a fortune from going to the nail salon!
  4. They lasted over a week.

I don’t know about you all, but my polish typically lasts like 3 days, tops. So the fact that I could do my nails in a short amount of time, have them look so good, and then last so long was amazing.


Before we took our cruise I had planned on slipping away to the nail salon for a nice pedicure. However, life got in the way and that never happened. So the night before we left I decided to put Jamberry wraps on my toes. I am so glad I did! They looked fantastic and lasted all week long without a single problem. Additionally I’m happy to report that they lasted almost 5 weeks, and I only took them off because I was ready for a change, not because they were falling off.

Needless to say, if you haven’t tried Jamberry I absolutely recommend you do. I’m sure a friend or friend of a friend is selling them and would love to let you try such an awesome product! Before we can end this post though, I need to share a few of my favorites that I love or can’t wait to try!

Jamberry CollageFor my first few favorites we have Out of Focus, Cabana, Gelato, and Mint Green & Gold Stripe. Honestly I would wear any selection of these together or by themselves. Plus, I think we all know how I feel about mint!

Jamberry Collage 2I love Diamond Dust Sparkle, Date Night,  Memory Lane and Edgy for a slightly more muted look. Again, you can mix and match these in a variety of ways. I just can’t get over the colors in Memory Lane. I might need these ASAP!

Jamberry Collage 3Glam, Gold Sparkle, Black & White Chevron, and Tungsten Sparkle are such classic beauties. Glam was my main summer mani/pedi and I loved it! It went great with all the colors of summer.

What wraps would you choose? What would be your perfect fall mani? Have you tried Jamberry? I’d love to hear your thoughts on these!

Images of individual wraps belong to Jamberry


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