The Deans Eat // Fifty Five

Happy Monday and Last Day of August folks! Where did August go? More importantly where did summer go? I won’t complain though, really. I love fall and I am happily awaiting it’s arrival. I’m mostly excited to start incorporating more soups and casseroles into my weekly menus. A couple goals for the cold seasons are to perfect French Onion Soup as well as Broccoli Cheese Soup. Two of my favorite soups that I desperately need to learn how to make. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on that progress as the cold weather moves in to stay.

Part of meal planning is helping to control the crazy each week, even when things get all messed up. I have mentioned that it typically takes me a few weeks to get in a routine with Husband’s new school schedule, and now this week we have a whole new challenge to conquer. Work is busy and I’m going to be working some over time this week which will definitely have a little affect on our dinner plans. My goal is to survive the week without ordering out – can I do it? We shall see.

Processed with Moldiv

Monday || Breakfast / Smoothie | Lunch / Leftover Pizza | Dinner / Chili

Tuesday || Breakfast / Breakfast Burrito | Lunch / Leftovers | Dinner / Chicken Pasta and Baguette

Wednesday || Breakfast / Smoothie | Lunch / Leftover | Dinner / Chicken Philly Sandwiches & Sweet Potato Fries

Thursday || Breakfast / Egg Sandwich | Lunch / Leftovers | Dinner / Tacos & Burritos

Friday || Breakfast / Hot Cereal | Lunch / Leftovers or Soup | Dinner / Frozen Pizza and Salad

Saturday || Out @ Family Reunion

Sunday || Italian Chicken, Baked Potato & Corn

Snacks || Fruit, Veggies, Cheese & Crackers, Popcorn, Smoothies, & Yogurt

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