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READING | Right now I’m reading the book You’re Already Amazing by Holley Gerth. My momma got me this book for my birthday earlier this year and I’m just now digging into it. It is such a good read! Truly I encourage you to grab a copy and pour over it as she focuses on the truths of who God has created us to be. Another book on my list to read soon is A Walk Across the Sun by Corban Addison. Many years ago I had a friend mention this book to me and it has been on my list ever since. I’m really looking forward to finally getting to read it.

MAKING | A plan! I have been the children’s Sunday School coordinator at my church for a while now and if I’m being honest, I’ve not been very good at it. However I’ve been spending time making a plan and figuring out the best way for this to work. Here’s hoping this year is better than last! (On that note, thank the children’s ministry workers at your church. It’s hard work!)

PINNING | Fall everything! The beginning of September marks the time that it is officially acceptable to talk about fall in all its glory. So if you head over to my pinterest you will see quite a lot of fall things being pinned. Desserts (Pumpkin cookies anyone?), fall fashion – sweaters galore, and even a fall bucket list or two.

ANTICIPATING | Getting sickness out of our house! I came down with something  last week actually thinking it was some weird fall allergies, but after a couple small fevers, over a week of coughing, and now husband coming down with the same thing it’s been determined that we are definitely dealing with more than allergies. I’m ready for this to be over now!

LOVING | A local little coffee shop and my regular girlfriend dates there. We have an awesome little shop about 5 minutes away called The Chocolate Moose. I’m typically there at least once a week varying between date nights with husband girls night with a dear friend. It’s one of my very favorite places to go, even if all I do is grab a latte and read a book.

Thanks so much to Anne over at In Residence and Jenna at Gold & Bloom for hosting such a lovely link-up!

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