The Deans Eat // Whole30 Menu Two & Update

Happy Monday folks! I come to you after having completed 7 full days of Whole30, and yes I am still alive! This past week has been an interesting one… I was expecting major withdraw symptoms; I’m talking headaches, major fatigue, and more. I’m happy to report that I haven’t really experienced those common symptoms. Sure, I wish I could go grab some ice cream, but really its not a big deal. Above all, I wish I could grab a pizza with extra cheese and a coke (from McDonald’s of course, because its the best). I miss cheese so much guys. It’s really really bad.


Feelings wise, I am doing great. I haven’t had any headaches, and I am sleeping so incredibly well. However I’m still tired pretty frequently, even though the sleep I’m getting is phenomenal. I think it’s just my body adjusting to not getting any caffeine or sugar. I also just feel clearer. I don’t know if that makes sense, but it’s just a clear, free feeling. It’s good.

The biggest complaint at this stage is I am so over the food. I’m sick and tired of meat and I have no appetite whatsoever. This obstacle is definitely not one I was expecting to face. My assumption had been that I would be hungry the majority of the time, barely making it meal to meal. Instead, I am having to force myself to eat. Because of this, I haven’t been able to stick to the ideal meal plan (Large portion of protein and then veggies). I find myself eating smaller portions of meat and more vegetables. Hopefully my healthy appetite will return soon.

I also had a mini-meltdown this weekend. I was exposed to a LOT of outside food. We went out to eat, to sporting events, church get-togethers, etc. It wasn’t easy. I have really struggled with only having water to drink because I’m just not into unsweetened tea or coffee. After watching others drink pop and other sweet drinks all weekend I thought I was going to break. I missed carbonation so badly! So I grabbed some seltzer water and some 100% juice and mixed up a little drink. Thankfully, it was delicious and refreshing!

Okay, let’s get down to business. This weeks menu isn’t anything fancy and honestly attempting to come up with each of these meals makes me sick to my stomach. Remember – I have no appetite. So who really knows whats going to happen this week, but hopefully we will make it through another week successfully!

Monday || Breakfast / Breakfast Hash (Eggs, Veggies, Meat) | Lunch / Taco Meat over Baked Potato | Dinner / Potato Soup& Salad (Guys, I’m sick of meat. Attempting my version of a dairy free potato soup.)

Tuesday || Breakfast / Fried Eggs & Strawberries | Lunch / Leftover Soup | Dinner / Dijon Pork Loin, Baked Potatoes, & Asparagus

Wednesday || Breakfast / Apple & Almond butter | Lunch / Burger Lettuce Wrap & Baked Fries | Dinner / Chocolate Chili

Thursday || Breakfast / Breakfast Hash | Lunch / Leftover Chili | Dinner / Italian Chicken Marinara over Zucchini Noodles

Friday || Breakfast / Mexican-Eggs  | Lunch / Leftover Chicken and Noodles | Dinner / Steak Kabobs

Saturday|| Breakfast / Banana & Almond Butter | Lunch / Leftovers | Dinner / Out or leftovers or makeup meal

Sunday || Breakfast / Breakfast Hash | Lunch / Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes, & Green Beans | Dinners / Leftovers

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