The Deans Eat // Whole30 Menu Three & Update

14.5 days completed, 15.5 to go! This is basically the halfway point and we are well on our way to the end of these 30 days. This past week was much better than the first. I’m entering into week 3 with total faith that I can complete this challenge. This is a much better position than I was in much of the first 10 days or so.


My food favorites: Right now my favorite things are to keep it simple with meat & vegetables, my favorites being chicken, mashed potatoes (with almond milk!) and roasted vegetables. I still have a bit of a meat aversion going on so I’m probably relying on fruits and vegetables a bit too much, but it’s so much better than the junk I was eating before, I really can’t feel too badly about it.

My biggest complaint: Still craving pizza – badly. Other than that, I’m doing great! Although, this Saturday is a local food event – Chili Night that I was so incredibly excited about, completely forgetting that we would still be on Whole30. It was a little bit of a blow to realize we wouldn’t get to fully participate. We might still head out and enjoy the local scene though!

The layout of this week’s menu is a little different. I have found that planning out my breakfast and lunch specifically isn’t working for me. My food aversions leave me hating the meals I’ve planned and at a loss for what to eat. So instead, I’ll just list some food options and pick from that.

Processed with Moldiv

Monday || Chicken Pepper Skillet and Roasted Potatoes

Tuesday || Filet Mignon, Squash Zucchini mix, & Baked Potatoes

Wednesday || Chocolate Chili (Had this last week too, SO GOOD)

Thursday || Grilled Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries, & Roasted Veggies

Friday || Out (Five guys? Steakhouse?)

Saturday || Hot-dog (minus the bun & all compliant), Baked Fries, and Cucumber

Sunday || Italian Chicken, Baked Potato & Roasted Broccoli

Breakfast || Egg Hash, Omelets, Eggs & Vegetables, Bacon fruits & vegetables

Lunches || Leftovers, salad with meats, Baked Potato with veggies, salsa, meats, etc

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