The Deans Eat // Sixty Three

Good Morning Friends! Monday has made yet another arrival and the struggle is weird. Sleep is so lovely and mornings are so not. Does anyone have tips on how to become a morning person because I would really love to be one. Everyone used to say when I had a “real” job I would adjust to this sleep thing, and while I can get up and get to work I’m not happy about it and I wait until the last possible moment. Plus, I can still do that magical sleeping in thing on the weekend, I’m talking 11 or 12 hours of sleep if I really want to. Please, tell me how to survive on less sleep and actually like the mornings.

So now we need to talk about food. Since Whole30 ended, I have been eating horribly and I’m not proud to admit that. We’ve been eating for convenience after a month of cooking more than ever. I’m feeling the affects though and I’m ashamed of what foods we’ve been buying. With the holidays coming up I know we will have plenty of time to splurge, but I’m ready to cutout unnecessary junk and make some smarter daily choices and I’m already starting to plan for Whole30 round 2 in January! Until then, I’ll try to find a happy medium between how we’ve been eating and how we should be eating.


Monday | Grilled Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, and Green Beans

Tuesday | Turkey & Black Bean Enchiladas

Wednesday | Lasagna Soup

Thursday | Almond Chicken Salad

Friday | Make-up Meal/Leftovers/Out

Saturday | Homemade Pizza

Sunday | Thanksgiving; Simplified / I like to make a little Thanksgiving meal just for us to enjoy.

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