The Deans Eat // Sixty Four

For the past few weeks (or months), every time Monday rolls around I feel like I should share my menu. I start typing the menu out for the week, but then I never hit publish. I’ve been gone for quite a while and I didn’t want my return to just be a silly menu – again. So I avoided sharing my menu, or my thoughts, or much of anything. I decided today that I would finally hit publish on a post, because I’ve been missing this space for far too long.

Now, I’m not going to promise these next months will be great, full of wonderful content and ideas because let’s be honest, it’s just probably not going to happen. These next few months are going to be exciting though. Husband graduates college in 103 days, my sister gets married in 117 days, and hopefully not too many days after that we will be moving to the next adventure in our life. There is a lot happening, and I want to be able to share that journey in this space, even if only for myself.

Now, without further ado – this week’s menu. Our food habits were disastrous through the holidays and menu planning was thrown out the window. Thankfully I have pulled myself together a bit in 2016 and my menu planning is back on track for the most part. Now if I could just get back to healthy clean eating. I’ve really been struggling this winter with the lack of quality fresh fruits and veggies as well as a strong desire for things comforting and cozy. Unfortunately a salad isn’t typically very comforting. I’d love tips for your favorite ways to eat fresh clean foods in the winter, because it’s just not happening for me.

The Deans Eat

Monday | Crock-Pot Chicken Tacos

Tuesday | Kielbasa & Pepper Hash

Wednesday | Lasagna Soup

Thursday | Shepherd’s Pie & Salad

Friday | Homemade Pizza

Saturday | Date Night

Sunday | Paninis

P.S. – Do you like my new “The Deans Eat” image? I was pretty pleased with how it turned out 🙂

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