Currently | March

March? What? It’s not possible. I mean I know that February is a short month, but still. This is ridiculous. My birthday and then Husband’s graduation are just over 2 months away. 2016 is already flying by! I’m feeling a little more on top of things these days, so I’m actually posting my currently post right when I’m supposed to! Aren’t you proud of me? It’s the little things folks. photo-1432821596592-e2c18b78144f

WISHING | That the warm weather would stick around. The weather keeps teasing us and it’s getting old. We keep having a few days of gorgeous weather which get’s everyone excited for spring and then? Snow. Because what other sort of weather should we be experiencing in March? It’s supposed to be cold and snowy the next few days, but it looks like next week might officially break us free from this pattern! *knocks on wood* Hopefully I didn’t just curse us. Hurry up warm weather!

CRAVING | Some quality people time. I’m an introvert who loves alone time, but I have a bad habit of not going out ever and I end up going weeks without quality time with other humans (Other than Husband of course!). I really need to remedy this as soon as possible and maybe just maybe I can convince myself to get out there more often.

GOING | to get my clean on. (Ha, see what I mean? I rarely go anywhere exciting.) The next few days will be busy tackling a cleaning to-do list and trying to figure out how to get the cleaning under control. Seriously, please tell me how to manage the cleaning because almost 3 years in, I still don’t have a system that works. Am I missing something? Is there some magic solution I’m not aware of? SEND HELP!

WEARING | Ummmm, sweat pants? Seriously, every time I have to answer what I’m wearing I feel a little ashamed. This is the reality of work from home wife life. I sit in front of a computer in a room with the door shut 8+ hours of the day. My apartment is freezing, so what else am I supposed to wear? I also never go anywhere exciting, so I don’t even have any fancy exciting clothes to tell you about. All the fashion bloggers are going to come after me with their pitchforks stilettos. I know, I know, I’m a disgrace. Oh well. Hopefully this stay at home all-day-every-day stage doesn’t last forever. HOWEVER I do have one blog worthy thing to report on. I picked up these adorable earrings at Altar’d State this weekend for $4! I’ve been wearing them non-stop since then. Such great everyday pieces. Earrings

LEARNING | More & more about birth. Nope, not pregnant – just working on my doula studies. I’ve mentioned this many times in the past, but if I’m being honest, studying has been on the back burner for far too long. With Husband busy with school and work, I’ve been working full time and taking care of the apartment and other responsibilities (with Husband’s help of course!), taking time for myself and studying something I love just didn’t seem important. Thankfully after talking with some important people in my life, and a meltdown or two I realized taking time to pursue something I love is in fact worth the time and effort. It feels good to be taking some “me time” again that isn’t just vegging and watching Netflix.


Thanks so much to Anne over at In Residence and Jenna at Gold & Bloom for hosting such a lovely link-up!

3 thoughts on “Currently | March

  1. Oh, you speak my introvert language! I’m almost too good at the alone time, and I think it’s time to do a little connecting again. We can encourage each other to get out there 🙂 And that is AWESOME that you’re doing doula studies. They are the best! Thanks for linking up!


  2. I have a bad habit of not being around people too! I work all day, then my husband comes home and I spend the evening with him. I spend a lot of time with my bulldog…probably too much lol! It is so nice to get out of the house on the weekends and try to do something fun! Have a great weekend!


  3. Meg, I’m off kilter with cleaning these days because of my work on my Masters, but generally speaking I developed a system over the years that worked for me. I had daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, and seasonal tasks. Of course, dishes, laundry and trash/recycling have always been the daily. It’s up to you to decide what priorities you have for the rest…. for me, weekly is putting laundry away. Changing beds,cleaning the bathroom and paying bills are every two weeks. Dusting and vacuuming are once a month. I clean the frig once a year (spot clean in between as needed) and the stove gets clean about once every two years (yes, I know that sounds terrible). I don’t even think about cleaning the walls, ceiling fans and such until I see they are at their worst. Of course, outside chores like mowing the lawn and doing flower beds and such take on a life of their own and you just have to do them when they need to be done. Cleaning the cars would be my once a month duty if it was mine, but since it’s my husband’s, our cars rarely get cleaned. I’ve learned to let go of some things in order to keep my sanity. (~:


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