The Deans Eat & 5 Survival Mode Tips

Hi Friends! It’s been almost two months since I last posted a weekly menu or really blogged at all. Will you forgive me? Bad blogger, I know. Like I assumed would happen, things have been crazy! Menu planning, blogging, and a bunch of other things have completely fallen apart. However as we enter into the final stretch of Husband’s semester and our springtime craziness I’m trying to pull my crap together and get organized. For once I’m feeling pretty good about it and Monday is starting off pretty well.

This past weekend Husband’s dad came for a visit and they enjoyed some father-son time. They went to a baseball game Saturday and considering the house was already clean, I decided to go ahead and do most of the menu planning for the week before I went to the grocery store for a few things. Recently, I’ve been sending husband to the store for groceries and that is just not working for us! Especially with how busy he is the next few weeks. Well really, how busy we both are.

As I thought about what the next six weeks or so held, I knew we needed to be prepared. We’ve got end of semester projects, my birthday, graduation, mother’s day, bachelorette party hosting, wedding, cousin graduation, friend visiting, and more. Plus we are praying Husband gets a job soon which will mean potentially packing up and moving! These next 6 weeks are going to need patience and special preparation. I knew things had to change in order for us to survive.

Enter, Survival Mode. Instead of attempting to continue life in the way we always do and failing miserably, we’ve decided to take some important steps to make life a little easier.

  1. Using Paper Plates & Plastic Cups – Dishes wouldn’t be so bad if we had a dishwasher, but we don’t. This will save us time, mess, and frustration.
  2. Meal Planning – Of course I’m trying to get better at this again. On top of meal planning, I’m choosing simple, quick, minimal dirty dishes recipes. I expect lots of crock pot meals and casseroles.
  3. 15 Minute Clean ups – I love starting the day with a decently clean house. In order to keep things under control and to keep my mind in a happy place, Husband and I are going to do nightly 15 minute clean ups to wipe down counters, put away our stuff, and just tidy-up before heading to bed.
  4. Grace Grace & More Grace – We are both going to be tense, stressed and overwhelmed. We recognize that we both need a lot of grace and we need to enter everything with a gracious spirit. We need grace towards each other and grace for ourselves when things don’t go as planned. I won’t beat myself up over running to McDonalds instead of cooking dinner, and I’ll be gracious towards Matt as he keeps his nose in the books. It’s definitely a season of grace.
  5. Intentional Relaxation – I think one thing a lot of people do during busy seasons, is they try to multitask more. They sit-down in front of the TV but do homework or other projects while watching, and consider that their “down time”. I’m not saying you can’t multitask and do that sometimes (although it might not be best!). I just think especially in these busy seasons, you need to take an hour or so to actually relax. Play a game. Read a book. Don’t multitask and try to be productive at the same time.

We will be implementing these 5 steps for survival over the next 6+ weeks and I recommend you consider some of these as well if you are in a really busy season of life. I’m hoping by choosing to do these things, we will come out a little less ragged on the other side. I’ll stop rambling though and go ahead and share this week’s menu. Like I said I’m sticking to easier meals, but also still some of our favorites!

The Deans Eat 2

Monday – Black Bean Quesadillas

Tuesday – Crock-Pot Chicken Philly Subs

Wednesday – Out

Thursday – Hot Dogs

Friday – Grilled Chicken & Roasted Veggies

Saturday – Out/Make-up Meal

Sunday – Spaghetti & Salad

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