Update | Moving

Soooo, we’re doing this little thing called moving. Did I really just say that? We are MOVING! Is this real life?

When Husband and I were just babies dabbling in love, we talked about this city we both loved that had been small parts of our lives. He loved the amusement park, the concerts, and the sports. I had family there, the city was beautiful and the opportunities seemed endless. We would dream of moving there and making it our home, but our puppy love minds never thought it would be a reality. After we said “I do” we started considering the fact that we could just make a decision to move there someday if we so desired, even then we doubted it would happen.

As graduation approached and the job hunt began, we decided to pursue it as an option. The months passed and we felt like this move was just never going to happen. However, in the span of a few short weeks everything changed. The job offer was given, the apartment found, and the details fell in place. We move in less than a month!!

Cincinnati – Here We Come!


More details to come soon, but we are going to be in a great area. 10 minutes from Kroger, Target (!!), a nice mall & most importantly Husband’s job. Also, a nearby Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, & more! Can you tell what I’m excited about? The area is beautiful and quiet, and not too far from Downtown. We are thrilled to start the next chapter of our life in a new state with so many new adventures. More to come soon!

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