Currently | August

August completely snuck up on me. I wasn’t even thinking about it being the first Wednesday of the month until I saw that a fellow blogger had done their August Currently post! I knew I didn’t want to miss the chance to share about what was going on in our lives right now, especially with so many changes! I’ll warn you, this is definitely the “Moving/New City” edition of currently. So if hearing about our move and new life in Ohio is boring, by all means feel free to skip this, but if you’ve been wondering what we are up to then read on my friends!


HEARTING | This new stage of life. Now, don’t let my affection for it fool you. It hasn’t been all rosy and I’m still adjusting to being home alone more often than not. But I love our new similar schedules and weekends!!! Have I mentioned we have actual weekends for the first time in our marriage? I really am excited for this new stage and all it has in store for us. It makes my heart VERY happy so I would definitely say I am hearting this.

WATCHING | Lots of baseball, Family Feud, and my current favorite Netflix binge- Jane The Virgin. Husband and I have cable for the first time in our 3 years of marriage. Husband is thrilled with having some sports channels to watch, especially Cincinnati Reds baseball games. We have also found that most nights when we sit down to eat dinner Family Feud is the only thing worth watching (I know, we are so boring). I’ve been watching the second season of Jane The Virgin and guys, I love this show so much. The colors, the filming, the story line, everything about it. It’s silly, but I enjoy it immensely.

EXPLORING | Our new city and home town. We live about 25 minutes from downtown Cincinnati but we also have quite a lot of amazing things in our neck of the woods. We love having the city close enough to take advantage of all it has to offer. We are finally figuring out our basic way around and learning the major road ways. I’m happy to say I can get quite a few places without the GPS. There is still plenty to explore though!

CREATING | a home! Slowly but surely this new apartment is becoming our home. We still have about a million boxes to unpack, but it really is starting to feel like home. I’m excited to embrace all of the new things I love about this apartment and really create a welcoming, cozy home.

EATING | too much Cincinnati style chili. You guys don’t need to know how many times we have had some form of Cincinnati style chili over the last week and a half, but it’s an embarrassingly large number. We’ve always loved it and it was our favorite thing to eat when visiting. We thought the draw would be gone once we lived here, but so far, I still want it 24/7.

Thanks so much to Anne over at In Residence and Dana at Something Good for hosting such a lovely link-up!

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