The Deans Eat // Seventy Five

Life has been a whirlwind recently. We made a little announcement last week…


Mini M&M Coming March 2017!


We are thrilled, but it has definitely brought some changes. It’s added to the stress and the crazy of a move and made adjusting even more difficult. Thankfully I’m almost to the 2nd Trimester so hopefully the next few months will be even easier.

While I haven’t been too sick, I have been exhausted which makes cooking dinner tough when all you feel like doing is sleeping as soon as you get off work. I’ve pushed through most nights, but it’s definitely been a challenge. This week I’m just sharing a few meals because let’s face it, it’s already Tuesday, tonight we are going out because we still have to grocery shop, and we will probably go out at some point this weekend. Making an effort to eat at home when we can is still good of course, I’m just trying not to beat myself up if we end up having to eat out more often than we used to. Check below to see what meals I am tackling this week and I’d love to hear about yours!

The Deans Eat 2

Tuesday – Out & Grocery Shopping

Wednesday – Chicken Philly Sandwiches

Thursday – Taco Soup

Friday –  Chicken Potato Bake

Saturday – Make-up Meal/Out

Sunday – Sunday Roast Beef Meal

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