Holiday Home Tour | 2016

This week of holiday goodness has been filled with making our apartment feel cozy & fun with Christmas decorations. I would love for you to come in and take a peek at some of my favorite decor. Now, before you come in let me tell you – this decor and these pictures are not “Pinterest Perfect”. This is the real life of a young wife (and momma-to-be) who is on a budget and isn’t an expert at decor, DIY, or photography. So now come in, relax, and enjoy this beautiful holiday season.

Holiday Home Tour

For the front door, a simple wreath that will last all winter, not just the Christmas season. Hobby Lobby wreath with some simple blue & silver embellishments.

holiday-home-tour-6Living room view – color, lights, and those big beautiful wall of color, vintage heirloom decor, a piece of our WV home and a creamy glass of eggnog. holiday-home-tour-17My favorite part – This ribbon wall hanging was super simple to pull together and I think it really pulls the room together. We’ve procrastinated on hanging things on the wall since moving so I knew I wanted something big that drew a lot of attention and this was just the thing! It was easy to pull this together while binge watching Gilmore Girls and it’s not too late for you to pull one together too. holiday-home-tour-60

Each shelf on our bookcase has a little Christmas decor pulled in. Christmas trees and color were the key here. I love how it all turned out! holiday-home-tour-52holiday-home-tour-51


That book right there, Unafraid by Francine Rivers is a holiday favorite. Mary’s story and the story of Christmas from her point of view. Based on scripture with a story telling twist. It makes things so real and I’m really looking forward to reading it this Christmas season as I am expecting my own son. I absolutely recommend it!holiday-home-tour-55

A little garland around the TV (Where you can expect there to be a constant battle between cheesy holiday movies and sports).holiday-home-tour-69

Now let’s head into the dining room full of glorious natural light, where some vintage Christmas vinyl is spinning on the record player. My colorful Fiesta dishes  are on display, a simple centerpiece on the table, and hopes for some special holiday season meals shared here.



Since I spend a good bit of time in the kitchen, it only seemed appropriate to pull a little bit of the cheerful decor in here too. A simple wreath and cute towel (that I got for $2!). I’ll probably bring a holiday candle in here too!holiday-home-tour-71 holiday-home-tour-74

I wanted a little something in our guest spaces as well. For now we’ve just got a simple branch tree in our guest bathroom. I hope to add something to our guest room soon as well, but we’ve got a little work to do in there first. holiday-home-tour-78

Last, but certainly not least I worked on making this corner of our master bedroom functional, cozy, and Christmasy. I just got all of this jewelry out and put the tree up and it’s bringing me quite a bit of joy. holiday-home-tour-100

Now that it’s gotten dark, let’s bask in the glow of the Christmas trees in the living just once more. holiday-home-tour-81


Well that’s all friends, please come again soon. I’m sure I’ll be enjoying many evenings enjoying this Christmas filled home. It’s so nice to have everything tidy and ready to go for the month of December which we all know is a crazy one. Have a wonderful Christmas season!

Before you go, you should absolutely go check out the lovely Moriah over at Untidy Grace. Her Holiday Home Tour went up this weekend and needless to say, she has such a gift for making her house a home (see a little peek below!). It definitely made me want to head straight to her apartment and enjoy something warm to drink and chats around her tree. Also follow-up tomorrow with Rachel as she shares her tour right HERE.


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