The Deans Eat & An Update

It’s been a while since I last wrote and an even longer while since I shared our meal plan, but I think I have a pretty good (& adorable) excuse. The last time I wrote I talked about Baby H and his upcoming surgery. He had skull surgery almost a month ago and honestly, he is doing so well sometimes I forget how recently he had major surgery. He is wearing his helmet 23 hours a day and I update on his life pretty regularly on Instagram if you want more adorableness in your life. Right now he is sleeping peacefully while I enjoy a little me time before we run some errands. 

Baby H is 15 weeks old and now that we are post surgery I am working on gaining some normalcy and routine in my life. He feeds on demand and I don’t want to have a crazy strict schedule for his sleep, but I want to have a basic routine to help me and to add a little structure to my days at home. This wasn’t a goal before surgery because I knew it would be all messed up and the past few weeks since surgery have been taken for healing and rest but now is time to figure this Stay-At-Home-Mom life out. I want to blog more, I want to get my home in shape, and then maybe get a little crafty. I need to stop spending my days watching Netflix or playing on my phone and instead actually doing things! I’m hoping to write about this more, but I would love any tips you have for helping you be the best SAHM you can be.

One thing that has been going pretty well has been menu planning! This is such an important part of my life that I have been doing even since I was in high school. We struggled a bit when Baby H came home, mostly because I struggled to menu plan and make it to the store each weekend and couldn’t manage a full grocery trip with the baby by myself so Husband would run to the store for a few items every day or we were eating out way too often. In May I decided to menu plan for 3 weeks (through the end of the month) and do a big shopping trip. It went great and I knew I wanted to keep it up for June. So after spending a week working on a meal plan and grocery list we did a big Aldi & Kroger shopping trip the first weekend of June and it has been SUCH a lifesaver. It has given me back my weekends and I don’t want to go back to weekly planning any time soon. I found that I ruined my weekends stressing about menu planning and trying to get to the store but now I have my weekends back and it is wonderful! Because I buy things for many meals I have more flexibility and can move things around, so now I spend about 30 minutes checking the remaining meals I have left, choosing what we want for the week, and making a small grocery list for produce or things we ran out of or forgot. I am so happy with this new plan and apparently had many words to share about it. Now I’ll shut-up, share my menu, go feed my baby and head to the store. Have a great week!

Monday – Taco Salad

Tuesday – Chicken & Zucchini 

Wednesday – Spaghetti & Salad

Thursday – Burritos

Fridays – Burgers

Saturday – Out/Make-up

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