Currently | April 2017

Somehow April is already here. This year is flying by and the last month since Baby H arrived has been the fastest of my entire life! Wow! These days I spend basically all day caring for my sweet boy and right now he’s taking a cat nap on my chest. I read some friends blogs and it reminded of what today was so I grabbed my phone and typed up this post because I’ve missed this link-up so much! I hope you’ll enjoy this little update and please excuse the fact that everything revolves around the baby now, but my entire life is wrapped around this little human and his schedule, so naturally he has to show up in what I’m currently doing ;). I’m still hoping to write his birth story soon, but until then enjoy this post about what I’m currently up to! 

ACCOMPLISHING | Nourishing a human. Friends, when you are breastfeeding it’s near impossible to accomplish anything in the first few months. This kid eats constantly and the past few days he’s been prepping for a growth spurt which means even more eating than normal. I’m literally putting in full time hours breastfeeding. Some days I don’t get off the couch. Feed, change diaper, sleep. It’s all we do. But today we found out Baby H gained THIRTY OUNCES in the last 17 days, so I guess the feeding is paying off. I do dream of when I can get some other things accomplished though, until then thank the Lord for an amazing husband who is picking up my slack! 

FEELING | Great! Minus the sleep deprivation of course.  It’s been a month since my c-section and while I’m not 100% back to normal, things are so much better than I thought they would be. Most of the time I completely forget I had major abdominal surgery a month ago. I know everyone’s experiences are so very different but I’m very thankful for my experience overall. 

NEEDING | to start packing. We are going to West Virginia this weekend for a very quick visit so Baby H can meet some of his great-grandparents and so we can introduce our sweet boy to the mountain state we call home. I’ve obviously never traveled with a baby before and I’m trying to avoid overpacking too much. Also knowing how long it takes me to get anything done these days and that I have to pack for two people this time I know I need to start packing ASAP if I want to be ready to go this weekend! Any tips for packing for a baby or traveling with baby? 

PRACTICING | patience. While I’m absolutely adoring this cuddly newborn baby stage, I do sometimes struggle with wanting to be able to get things done, go places, and get some sleep. Motherhood is definitely teaching me patience. For now I will keep practicing patience and work on savoring all of these moments when all my baby boy wants is to be in my arms. 

PINNING | Home decor ideas. Sitting in the living room nearly 24/7 has me very tired of the little decorating we’ve done since moving and with spring here I’m in the mood to spruce things up a bit. I also still have a few pieces of winter decor out that desperately needs to go. I’m specifically looking at budget home decor ideas as a one income family with a new baby we don’t have much money to spare. Hopefully I can update a few little things on the cheap soon! Check out my Pinterest here

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Currently | January 2017

I figured the only way to start 2017 was by joining in with one of my favorite link-ups. Check below to see what I’m up to currently! Thanks to Anne and Jessica for hosting this great link-up.


GATHERING | All of the baby things! Baby H will be making his arrival in less than THREE MONTHS and we are definitely gathering more baby things. I would say you can spot a little baby something in almost each room of our home at this point. I have a feeling after our baby shower in less than a month it will be a full on baby explosion in this apartment and I don’t think I could be any happier about that!

MAKING | A plan! Some pretty big life changes have happened recently and will continue to happen over the coming months. My days look a little different than they have in the past and I have a lot to accomplish before the biggest life change of all happens in March. So I’m looking around, writing down plenty of lists and making a plan for how I will be attacking it all.

SIPPING | Water! I got an awesome RTIC stainless steel tumbler for Christmas and it’s definitely helping me get more water in my system. I’ll admit I don’t love drinking water, but it’s nice to be able to just sip on an ice cold water all day.

FOLLOWING | All the mommy blogs and Instagram accounts. I’ve always loved following these types of blogs/accounts but now as I look at this being my life pretty soon I enjoy it even more. My favorites? A few sweet mommas who’s due dates are very close to mine. I love following along with their journey’s too!

RESOLVING | To embrace all of the beautiful, hard, messy things life throws at me. More on this soon.

Currently | July

Is it already July? Seriously. Agh. I can’t keep up. Can’t let this month slip by without doing my favorite post. Read on to see what I’m up to this month, ya know, apart from moving and all.


TOASTING | Husband’s new job. I know I mentioned we are moving, but little was said about Husband’s new job. We got pretty frustrated and discouraged while we waited and searched for his first post grad job. With each new possibility that arose, my heart would commit, and before I knew it I had our entire future planned in my mind. This resulted in a lot of heartache and crushed plans. When this job came along, it wasn’t even something we were majorly considering. Things moved so quickly I didn’t even have time to think and dream and plan. Then there we were, accepting a job and making the decision to move. This job is something Husband has dreamed of for so long and he is so excited to get started and grow in this company. It’s exciting & unexpected, but very obviously God’s plan.

GOING | to really miss West Virginia. Expect me to write on this more soon. Really been feeling the things we are going to be saying goodbye to here. Just because the future is so exciting, doesn’t change the hurt of the things we are leaving.

SMELLING | White Peach Mango wax bars. Husband picked this scent out at the store a few weeks ago and I’ve loved heating this in my Scentsy recently. It’s such a delicious & summery scent!

WEARING | Clothes? I never know what to put for this one. Guys, I work from home and don’t go many places. My wardrobe is not very exciting. I have been digging a few simple maxi dresses I got this summer and I feel like I’ve been living in those. They are super comfy and can be dressed up or down which is a definite win in my book!

WISHLISTING | Everything possible for my dream home. While I’m not exactly moving into my dream home, we are moving into a new apartment with more decorating possibilities. Even more so I will be living near a handful of new to-me stores that will bring lots of fun. My wishlist is about a mile long right now. If you check out my Pinterest, you will get a little bit of an idea of the things I’m wishing for.

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Update | Moving

Soooo, we’re doing this little thing called moving. Did I really just say that? We are MOVING! Is this real life?

When Husband and I were just babies dabbling in love, we talked about this city we both loved that had been small parts of our lives. He loved the amusement park, the concerts, and the sports. I had family there, the city was beautiful and the opportunities seemed endless. We would dream of moving there and making it our home, but our puppy love minds never thought it would be a reality. After we said “I do” we started considering the fact that we could just make a decision to move there someday if we so desired, even then we doubted it would happen.

As graduation approached and the job hunt began, we decided to pursue it as an option. The months passed and we felt like this move was just never going to happen. However, in the span of a few short weeks everything changed. The job offer was given, the apartment found, and the details fell in place. We move in less than a month!!

Cincinnati – Here We Come!


More details to come soon, but we are going to be in a great area. 10 minutes from Kroger, Target (!!), a nice mall & most importantly Husband’s job. Also, a nearby Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, & more! Can you tell what I’m excited about? The area is beautiful and quiet, and not too far from Downtown. We are thrilled to start the next chapter of our life in a new state with so many new adventures. More to come soon!

The Sunday Currently // Ten

It has been FAR too long since I have done a Sunday Currently post and that makes me so sad. I am hoping to really jump back into blogging. I have one thing going for me being that I have a new computer and constant internet access which is GREAT! But I also have something going against me considering I am going to be working so much more. Hopefully I can learn to balance the two!

This week has been an absolutely crazy one with VBS, a trip to Charleston, job excitement and more!

Custard Stand

^^ We made a stop at our favorite custard stand Friday night to reward ourselves for surviving VBS!^^

I’m linking up with Siddathornton as usual!

READING a couple books this week, including Sparkly Green Earrings, and The Lucky Ones. I haven’t had a ton of time to read recently and I doubt that’s going to get any better. I’m not going to let myself stop reading though, I definitely need to keep books in my life. I’m also still reading plenty of things preparing for my first Doula birth in August!

WRITING lots of lists. I love lists as has been discussed many times before and I honestly think it’s the only thing keeping my life even partially organized at this point. Are there any other list-writers out there? I can’t imagine a life without lists…maybe I need help.

LISTENING to lots and lots of Colbie Caillat recently. Her music video release this week was phenomenal and I honestly just can’t get enough of her music.  I love the laid back feeling with some awesome vocals.

THINKING about all the laundry I need to do. I can’t tell what is clean and what is dirty in our bedroom right now. someone help me please. We desperately need to actually put away all of our clean clothes, organize our closet, and buy a hamper for the unrealistic amount of dirty clothes we produce. How is this possible?!

SMELLING the delicious scent in my Scentsy. I think it’s some sort of blackberry vanilla, and no it’s not an official Scentsy scent. But it’s heavenly nonetheless and our whole apartment smells of its goodness.

WISHING for a dream home office. We live in a semi small apartment that praise the Lord has two bedrooms. We had just gotten the guest room/sewing room all put together and I had big plans for it and it looked great! Then came the new job which brought with it the need to a home work space. So the sewing machine was pushed off the desk and replaced with a computer. I am currently sitting in a cushioned folding chair. As soon as we can afford it we are going to revamp the space a little. It’s primary purpose will be to serve as my office, secondly the guest room and with any remaining space my sewing room. Until then I will sit at my itty bitty desk in my folding chair and hope for the best!

HOPING that training goes well this week and everything falls into place. It seems so very obvious that this job is where God wants me…but at the same time my human nature takes over and fills this heart with fear and worry. Stressing over scheduling, pre-planned conflicts, adapting and so much more. Going to spend some time in His word this week reminding myself of His plan for me.

WEARING some jeans and a comfy top. We just got back from an afternoon out with church friends and then grocery shopping. The missing Sunday afternoon nap has left me exhausted. Relaxing and movie watching is on the schedule for the evening.

LOVING the cool weather we had this week + the rain. It was a nice break from July heat and helped cool everything down a bit.

WANTING to get the house straightened up before training starts late tomorrow morning. It’s not a total disaster but following a week of VBS there is definitely some work that needs to done. The kitchen is begging for attention and a good deep clean. Hopefully I can accomplish that tomorrow morning!

NEEDING to get a routine down. The past nearly two months of no routine have been fantastic but for a girl who thrives on a schedule I’m beginning to miss it just a bit. Morning and night routines will hopefully become a norm very quickly with a new schedule!

FEELING overwhelmed. Not in a bad way, in the best of ways. God’s grace and provision have completely overwhelmed me this week time and time again. What a week it has been for my heart and soul. It all sort of overflowed at worship this morning. Shew. I am overwhelmingly blessed!

That’s it for today! I will hopefully have my menu plan post up tomorrow as well as a few others this week. Enjoy your last few hours of the weekend!