Currently | January 2017

I figured the only way to start 2017 was by joining in with one of my favorite link-ups. Check below to see what I’m up to currently! Thanks to Anne and Jessica for hosting this great link-up.


GATHERING | All of the baby things! Baby H will be making his arrival in less than THREE MONTHS and we are definitely gathering more baby things. I would say you can spot a little baby something in almost each room of our home at this point. I have a feeling after our baby shower in less than a month it will be a full on baby explosion in this apartment and I don’t think I could be any happier about that!

MAKING | A plan! Some pretty big life changes have happened recently and will continue to happen over the coming months. My days look a little different than they have in the past and I have a lot to accomplish before the biggest life change of all happens in March. So I’m looking around, writing down plenty of lists and making a plan for how I will be attacking it all.

SIPPING | Water! I got an awesome RTIC stainless steel tumbler for Christmas and it’s definitely helping me get more water in my system. I’ll admit I don’t love drinking water, but it’s nice to be able to just sip on an ice cold water all day.

FOLLOWING | All the mommy blogs and Instagram accounts. I’ve always loved following these types of blogs/accounts but now as I look at this being my life pretty soon I enjoy it even more. My favorites? A few sweet mommas who’s due dates are very close to mine. I love following along with their journey’s too!

RESOLVING | To embrace all of the beautiful, hard, messy things life throws at me. More on this soon.

The Deans Eat // Sixty Six

Well. The Panthers lost the Superbowl. It was strange, I’ve watched the Superbowl most years of my life, but I typically pick a team the night of and just have fun. For the first time I actually really cared about the final outcome, and it wasn’t what I had hoped for. Oh well, as Husband keeps reminding me, just a few weeks and spring training for baseball starts. I’ll enjoy the few sports free days I have left!

This weekend was a great one because my Momma came to visit! We ate good food, shopped, laughed, and rested. It was just the kind of weekend I needed and I was so glad to have that time with her. One of the greatest unknown perks of marriage for me was my relationship with my mom. We got to make that transition from parent/child to friends and I love it! Having your mom as one of your best friends is a pretty spectacular thing.

This week will be a busy one for me. I’m working over all week so I can take off a little early on Friday for an exciting weekend away. This means later nights, and simpler meals. Nothing fancy this week, that’s for sure! Also, not really all that healthy. Shew, its kind of embarrassing to look at that, but it’s real life. We can’t always eat the best, but that’s okay. It won’t be the end of the world thankfully. This week is all about surviving and making it to Friday, and that’s when the real fun begins!

The Deans Eat 2

Monday | Baked Chicken Alfredo Ziti

Tuesday | Sloppy Joe’s & Baked Fries

Wednesday | Italian Chicken Potato Bake w/ Caesar Salad

Thursday | Cincinnati Style 4-Ways

Friday Lunch | Baked Pizza Bread


November | Currently

November is here and I really can’t believe it. I almost completely forgot about this little link-up but thankfully remembered to squeeze this in today. I love this link-up with Anne and Jenna each month, mostly because I get to meet and mingle with some amazing bloggers! Be sure to join the party and share all about what you are currently up to!

Currently fall leaves


COOKING| Food that isn’t too good for me. Truthfully, since Whole30 ended I have not been doing well with my eating. We went grocery shopping last night and I was appalled by what was in my shopping cart. Apart from this, I’m making plenty of soup. Potato Soup, Taco Soup, Chili, Lasagna Soup & more! Soup is definitely one of my favorite foods and truly the best cold weather food.

PLANNING | Lots of celebrations! With Thanksgiving, Husband’s birthday, Christmas, and New Year all falling in the next 2 months there is plenty of planning to do. The holidays are especially chaotic trying to figure out where we’re going, when we’ll be there and what we’re doing. We have so much family that we love dearly that we wish we could spend all of our holidays with, but unfortunately tough decisions have to be made. We are trying to get those tough choices out of the way so we can start planning all the fun stuff! Being this is only our 3rd married Christmas, we are still working on establishing our Christmas traditions. What are your favorite?

SMELLING | Various candles and my pumpkin roll wax melts daily! I need to stock up on some more candles and wax melts though. For some reason when it comes to candles and those types of things I never buy them for myself and always just wait until someone gifts me them. I think I might have to slip away to Bath & Body Works and buy some new candles to get me through this winter though!

APPRECIATING | Facebook Groups. I’m involved in a couple groups on Facebook that are made up of some of the most fantastic people. Two of the groups in particular are full of women that love God, but live real relatable lives. I love getting to glean from them as well as share my heart. I’m a bit of a homebody and with working from home I really don’t get many opportunities to head out and meet people. Thankfully social media has provided an awesome way to connect with others all over the world. (Note: I am appreciating a whole lot more than FB groups, I just thought this was a little unique so I decided to share)

ANTICIPATING | 2016 and the many new adventures it will take us on. Husband will be graduating this spring (I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS FINALLY HAPPENING) and that graduation will bring a handful of changes I’m sure. We will begin the job hunt that could take us out of Southern, WV or leave us here to deepen our roots. Job hunting, moving, and just overall big life changes. My worrier’s heart is already stressing out, but overall I am filled with such excitement and anticipation to see what God is going to do on this next adventure. It’s been amazing to see Him work every step of the way and I have faith He will continue to do so.

Currently | October

We are already in the 7th day of October and I’m kind of shocked by how quickly this year has flown by. It is already time to do my monthly currently post with these two lovely ladies – Anne & Jenna. I so love being a part of this fantastic monthly link-up. You should join us too!

meg currently


EATING | I think you all know quite a great deal about what I’m eating right now, but if you missed it I’m doing a Whole30, with all the details over HERE. Basically, lots of meat, veggies, and fruit. (Although I’m still dreaming of pizza folks…)

EXPLORING | Various organization concepts, especially planner ideas. I have a bit of an obsession with writing everything down, making endless lists, and spending too much time planning to be organized instead of actually being organized. I’m desperate to find a system that is efficient and actually leaves time for me to accomplish the things on my to-do list. I would love to have your suggestions too!

WEARING | All the comfy fall clothes. Leggings, yoga pants, sweatshirts, & sweaters. I work from home where I obviously don’t have a uniform/dress code. But on the rare chances I do head out into the real world I tend to reach for my favorite jeans, a button up or sweater, a scarf, and probably some toms or boots. Color wise, throw me some dark red/maroon, teals, and blacks and I’ll be a happy person.

ADMIRING |  Friends who are following dreams. Moriah of Untidy Grace just announced her plans to pursue Holy Yoga instruction. I have two compassionate and powerful friends who are finishing up nursing school. Another dear friend is pushing through her senior year of college as she plans her future with her fiance and I am so excited to see where it takes them. Then I have the dear friends who are embracing their callings and raising little ones to know Jesus and it just all makes me so happy. I love supporting their dreams and I’m so thankful they will support mine as well.

COLLECTING | Inspiration for a fall photo shoot. I think i have lined up the chance for Husband and I to have some pictures captured for us and I am so excited! We haven’t had real pictures done since our wedding (although my momma took some great ones in November 2013, see below). I’m already pulling a bunch of ideas that I love so we can have a shoot that really captures us at this stage in life. Now just to decide whether to include our pup or not…

fall pic collage

HOPING | To get my hair cut soon. It’s been over a year since I really had it cut and it’s getting long and beyond lifeless. I’ve been saying this for the past week though, so I’m not sure when I will get the nerve to do it.

WISHING | Fall would stick around forever. Unfortunately though, it tends to show up later than I’d wish and then winter is always early to the  party. In 2013 and 2014 we had snow in OCTOBER folks! I’m not ready for that! So let’s just keep wishing that fall sticks around as long as possible.

That’s it for this month’s currently post! What are you up to right now? Join the link-up or comment below with your current goings-on!

Weekend Dreaming

Happy Friday Friends! 

Can we just all agree the first work week after vacation is a ROUGH one? I’m very happy to see Friday arrive and that I haven’t gone completely insane this week. Three cheers for the weekend!

I don’t know about you, but I always enter the weekend with pretty high hopes. Dreams of sleeping in, cooking, cleaning, socializing, relaxing, preparing, and more. However, Friday night hits and I stay up too late watching Netflix, sleep in too late Saturday, frantically try to get a few things done, prepare for church on Sunday, spend Sunday busy with church and then fall asleep with Husband for a too long Sunday nap and regret the decision the rest of the evening, and then all of a sudden it’s Monday again. Please tell me I’m not the only one in this vicious cycle?!

Okay, moving on. I have a few plans for this weekend, although most of the time it seems more like dreams. I figured I’d share my little weekend list with you all. I don’t want to call it a To-Do list because that just doesn’t sound very fun. Plus I think I have a pretty good mix of want-to & need-to. What are your weekend plans?

hello weekend1. Make chocolate chip cookies – This is the result of a long work week. I’m in dire need of some homemade cookies. That is, if it makes it into cookie form. Cookie dough addict over here!!! 

2. Phone date with my New England Bestie – Life is crazy, and I’m thankful for texting and social media, but sometimes a girl just needs to sit down and chat.

3. Jewelry Organization | Phase 1 – My jewelry is a disaster. Straight up insanity. It’s time to sort, purge, and come up with new storage solutions. Phase 1 – Earrings. 

4. Finish unpacking – When you have been busy since returning, unpacking gets pushed to the back burner, but its time to stop living out of a suit case.

5. Movie with Husband – I’m not sure what this will be or if it will be at home or out, but  I just wanna eat some popcorn and watch a movie. Any suggestions?