The Deans Eat // Eighty One

Happy Monday! This Monday is coming with sunny skies, not so freezing weather, long to-do lists, and a fresh chance with a brand new week. You know how when life is super busy and full, you dream of the things you would accomplish if you had more free time? Yep, I used to do that. Now I have this weird stage of life with too much free time and not nearly enough motivation to go along with it. The few times in my life I have been in stages like this I have discovered that you get MORE done when you are busier and have less free time. I have all day every day folks and yet the laundry still isn’t caught up, the floors aren’t sparkling, and I have a to-do list from last week that still needs finished. I’m giving myself grace though, resting while I can, and trying to set more realistic expectations for each day. Here’s hoping for a full and successful week this week!

Grocery shopping for this week was accomplished yesterday. It makes the biggest difference on the week when we actually have the grocery shopping done before Monday arrives. Per the norm I need to run back to the store for a few forgotten or missing items, but it’s always nice to be mostly prepared for the week ahead. This week is filled with easy comfort foods and a special gourmet meal at home on Tuesday. I will share that entire menu in a separate post later this week, but I am SO excited about it! Check below to see the rest of our food plans for the week.

The Deans Eat 2

MONDAY | Chicken Parmesan

TUESDAY | Special Valentine’s Day Meal @ Home (Check back Wednesday for Menu!)

WEDNESDAY | Kielbasa Pepper Hash


FRIDAY | Chicken Pepper Pasta


SUNDAY | Out/Make-up Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you feel loved and give lots of love on this special day!

The Deans Eat // Seventy Two

Happy 4th of July! I realize I’m a day late on this greeting and this blog post, but yesterday was not for blogging. Unfortunately here in rainy WV it wasn’t much for normal Independence day activities either. We ate some food, played games, and swam in the pouring rain. It was a weird one, but a good one! Now it’s back to the grind and this week’s to-do list is staring me in the face. While I love a 4 day work week, I’m a little stressed out to only have 6 days this week to accomplish the many many things that need to be accomplished. But I’ll grab some coffee, turn up the music, and power on through. Here’s to keeping my sanity!

As we get closer to our move date (TWO WEEKS – 4 DAYS) our food habits will continue to change as our kitchen slowly ends up in boxes instead of cabinets. This past week was unfortunately not very successful on the menu planning front. Neither one of us wanted to cook or clean so we ate out far too much. I’m hoping to avoid that this week, but we shall see. We also continue to try and eat through the foods we have on hand, and avoid buying food as much as possible, which is going to require some creativity for sure. This week is nothing fancy and we don’t really have any plans, all though my momma will be visiting this weekend to help us pack and spend some time with us before we move. It will be nice having her around for the weekend! Hopefully we can actually stick to this week’s meal plan and stop succumbing to the ever tempting option of eating out.

The Deans Eat 2

Monday | 4th of July Celebrations

Tuesday | Potato Soup & Grilled Cheese

Wednesday | Skillet Lasagna & Caesar Salad

Thursday | Black Bean & Corn Quesadillas (Didn’t eat last week)

Friday | Double Stuffed Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Veggies

Saturday | Pizza

Sunday | Out to Eat

The Deans Eat // Seventy One

Happy Monday Friends! I can’t believe that it’s the last week of June. Where is 2016 going? This year has been a whirlwind so far, and right when things start to slow down, they pick back up again. We were just getting into our slower pace life groove when Husband got a job offer and we decided to move out of state. We’ve got less than a month until moving day and life is getting a little crazier again. But I’ve got my lists, a system, and if I can stick to it, I think we will be good to go. I hope to write a little about our system later this week, then I will do a follow-up post after the move to tell you how it really went. Here’s hoping we can survive our first *real* move! (I don’t know if the last ones count…weird circumstances. This will be the first time we pack up all of our married life belongings into a truck and drive away to a new home and unpack it all there.)

While life was a little slower, menu planning wasn’t quite as important. We could run to Kroger 5 times a week, go out to eat, or just do whatever we wanted for food. We enjoyed the laid back feel for a few weeks, but it’s time to get busy and start meal planning again. We’ve got pantry food to eat through, money to save, and we need a little structure in our meals again. Meal planning is such a lifesaver in times like this! Today, Husband and I took inventory of the food in our fridge/freezer/pantry because I would really like to avoid taking any food with us. We will gradually incorporate these foods over the next few weeks to avoid waste. This might mean eating some not so great meals, but that’s okay! It’s survival mode and I’m okay with that.

The Deans Eat 2

Monday | YOYO – Your on Your Own

Tuesday | Spaghetti

Wednesday | Black Bean & Corn Quesadillas

Thursday | Chicken Potato Bake & Salad

Friday | Out/Make-up Meal

Saturday | Skillet Pasta & Veggies

Sunday | Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans




The Deans Eat // Sixty Nine

Happy Leap Day friends! Leap Day is an odd thing. I mean, an extra day every 4 years… seems like a reason to celebrate, right? Instead, Leap Day is falling on a Monday which means it’s just like any old day. I’m curious – do any of you have a Leap Day birthday? Do you celebrate 2/28 or 3/1?  These are the things I ponder on a Monday morning.

This weekend was a busy wonderful weekend. Time with family and absolutely adorable nieces means a weekend well spent. I’m sure every aunt out there thinks this, but gosh – my nieces are the best. Friday and Saturday was spent soaking as much time up with them as possible. Sunday was one for the books as well – perfect weather, church, nap, long walk in the sunshine, a little cleaning, and binge watching Fuller House. Speaking of which, have you watched Fuller House? We’re not quite done watching it yet, but we love it in all it’s cheesy wonderful glory. I mean, nobody was expecting some perfect deep TV show, right? I love it for it’s cheesiness and I’m not afraid to admit it!

This week is a semi-busy one – Husband has a few exams, I need to play catch-up from the weekend, and we have a guest staying with us this weekend. When things get busy, meal planning keeps things a bit more sane. Sometimes I get frustrated that a meal fails or we eat out, but then I have to remind myself, if I didn’t meal plan it would be a dinner disaster every single day. So I keep on meal planning and enjoy the little bits of sanity it provides.

The Deans Eat 2

Monday | Mustard Balsamic Pork Chops, Roasted Veggies, & Mashed Potatoes

Tuesday | Spaghetti

Wednesday | Shepherd’s Pie, Salad, & Bread

Thursday | Crock-pot Chicken Fajitas

Friday | Chili & Cornbread

Saturday | Out

Sunday | Italian Chicken, Rice, & Corn

The Deans Eat // Sixty Eight

Don’t you just love a perfect weekend? Mine was near perfect, although I’m willing to admit it could have used just a bit more productivity, but other than that it was definitely a success.

Friday night we spent some time with local family and Husband’s cousin who was in for a visit. Saturday I slept a bit too long, got the car washed, then went with Husband to a college basketball game. He figured he should try to go to one of his school’s games before he graduated and thankfully, they won! Then we explored a new town and grabbed some dinner before coming home to binge watch Netflix for a bit. Sunday was good for the soul. Fellowship & worship with my church family, lunch out with friends, a Sunday nap, some cleaning, knitting, Netflix, & video games. I’m thankful for weekends like this. Weekends that let me breathe. It makes Monday not so scary, that’s for sure!

This week is a busier one. We are hoping to see some family traveling through the area tomorrow, maybe a visit with a friend later this week, and then this weekend a visit with my Brother, Sister-In-Law, and 2 adorable nieces! It’s going to be a full week, but it will all be worth it get some time with my favorite people.

Needless to say, our menu is a little smaller this week than normal due to so many exciting activities going on. I’m happy to report though, we’ve really been sticking to our menu plan (for the most part) recently which has been great! Hopefully things only get better from here.

The Deans Eat 2

Monday | Potato Soup & Grilled Cheese

Tuesday | Out – Previous Plans

Wednesday | Turkey & Black Bean Enchiladas

Thursday | Chicken Parmesan & Salad

Friday & Saturday | Traveling

Sunday | Pork Tenderloin, Mashed Potatoes, & Roasted Veggies