The Deans Eat // Eighty

I can’t believe the first month of 2017 is finished! January was full of lots of unexpected changes and honestly I spent most of the month trying to adjust both mentally and physically. It was full of rest, lots of quiet time, and taking a little time for me before life changes AGAIN when Baby H makes his entrance into the world. With February’s arrival I’m officially in GET THINGS DONE mode. We have just a few short weeks until a baby takes over our lives and I’m feeling the pressure to get us prepared in every possible way. One of those things is getting a few blog posts up this month, and still connecting with this space. I promise to have at least a few special posts this month so be on the lookout.

This past weekend, we headed to WV one last time before Baby H arrives. Our family and close friends showered us with lots of love and gifts for our transition to parenthood. I was blown away by friends and family that traveled many hours, adjusted work schedules, and came to celebrate with us. It was a jam packed weekend and so very bittersweet as we knew the next time we would be in that place and with those people there would be a baby to pass around. So many emotions that I can’t even begin to process quite yet.

We got home yesterday evening to a mostly clean house and I started working on a to-do list full of things that need to be done this week as well as things that need to be accomplished before we have this baby. First on that list per the norm was meal planning. Honestly, I was not feeling the meal plan this week, but it’s done and we won’t go hungry, so that’s a good thing. I was going to go grocery shopping today while Husband worked, then it hit me that grocery shopping by myself would not be an easy task at 8 months pregnant when I’m supposed to be taking things easy and avoiding lifting too much. So I ran to the store for the necessities for tonight’s dinner and I will have to tackle the grocery store with Husband in tow later on. Checkout what we are eating this week below!

The Deans Eat 2

MONDAY | Spaghetti, Caesar Salad & Garlic Bread

TUESDAY | Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes & Veggies

WEDNESDAY | Chicken Fajitas

THURSDAY | Family Dinner @ Small Group

FRIDAY | Shepherd’s Pie

SATURDAY | Spicy Italian Panini’s and Mac & Cheese

SUNDAY | Brunch & Eating out (or make-up meal)

The Deans Eat // Seventy Nine

I’m a day late getting this posted…so Happy Tuesday friends! I’m pretty bad about writing these posts but never putting the finishing details on them and then pressing publish. I hope you’ll forgive me.

This past weekend was a fun one as we celebrated Husband’s birthday! It started on Friday when we had a simple dinner out together, just us. While we were there we realized something, we could not remember the last time we ate out at a restaurant together just the two of us. It’s been months I’d say. Anyways, then we ran some errands, played video games in bed, and Husband watched some football. Saturday consisted of sleeping in (at least it did for me!), lunch out, attempting & failing at Christmas shopping, a yummy dinner at home and a relaxing night in. Sunday was the big event! We got up and ready church at 9, then afterwards an outfit change and a quick bite to eat, then straight to downtown for the Bengal’s football game! Our seats were great, they broke their losing streak, and other than a few minutes of rain we stayed dry and warmish. Total success! Husband claims it was a great birthday weekend, so we will call it a win for sure.


With the busy weekend, grocery shopping was not even on our radar. Thankfully we had a meal from last week that we didn’t end up making, so we were good to go on Monday, but the question still arose, when will we grocery shop? With both of us working full time it’s tough to make it to the store for a big trip during the week. I was dreading heading out in the cold rain last night to shop and that’s when I decided this week would be a perfect week to finally try out Kroger ClickList! Major perk of moving to the “Big City” is that this is an option here. It’s not an option at our closest Kroger, but there are a couple stores not too far away that offer it. Basically, you shop online, choose a time for the next day, place your order, then drive and pick it up without ever getting out of your car. I think your first time is free, and it’s typically a charge of around $5. I’m going to pick up our grocery order on my lunch break today! I can’t wait to see how it goes, hopefully it’s a success! I’ll be sure to update you on this whole experience later on. I’m just really thankful for it today when it’s freezing, raining, and I’m not feeling too hot (hi sore throat, please go away). Checkout what meals we are eating at below!

The Deans Eat 2

Monday | Turkey & Black Bean Enchiladas (Didn’t make last week!)

Tuesday | Spaghetti & Salad

Wednesday | Double Stuffed Lemon Garlic Chicken, Mashed Potatoes & Veggies

Thursday | Chili

Friday | Chicken Pasta

Saturday | Out @ Wedding

Sunday | Out with Sister

The Deans Eat // Seventy Seven – I’m Back!

Hi friends and Happy November 14th! Okay, I know I know, November 14th is nothing special, but somehow we have made it halfway through the 11th month of the year and I’m at a loss for where the rest of the year went. So today I celebrate Monday, I celebrate November, and I celebrate cold weather being here to stay (even if Husband is protesting the cold).

I haven’t been around much recently and I can’t promise I’ll be around much in the days to come, but we can hope! I haven’t written since before vacation, which seems like a life time ago. Things have been a bit crazy since then though. We’ve either had guests or been out of town 5 of the last 7 weekends. It’s been wonderful having visitors, but busy weekends can be rough too. This past weekend we visited WV for the first time since moving and it was just what our hearts needed after all the crazy in our world recently. It was a weekend of family & friends, fun, but also rest. I was able to meal plan on the drive home and Husband ran to the store while I unpacked. It’s always nice to start Monday with food in the house! This week is a bit of a weird one, but we will be eating at home at least a few times. I’m most looking forward to warming up with a cozy bowl of chili tonight, plus that gives me leftovers for a day or two at least! With cold weather comes the best foods of the year – soup! What is your favorite winter soup?

The Deans Eat 2

Monday – Chili

Tuesday – Chicken Parmesan and Salad

Wednesday – Out/Easy Meal (I have a root canal and cooking likely won’t be on my radar)

Thursday – Feast @ Church (A holiday meal with our church family that raises money for holiday meals for people in our city)

Friday – Feast @ Church – This time we will be helping serve!

Saturday – Kielbasa, Homemade Mac & Cheese and Veggies

Sunday – Out or make-up meal

The Deans Eat // Seventy One

Happy Monday Friends! I can’t believe that it’s the last week of June. Where is 2016 going? This year has been a whirlwind so far, and right when things start to slow down, they pick back up again. We were just getting into our slower pace life groove when Husband got a job offer and we decided to move out of state. We’ve got less than a month until moving day and life is getting a little crazier again. But I’ve got my lists, a system, and if I can stick to it, I think we will be good to go. I hope to write a little about our system later this week, then I will do a follow-up post after the move to tell you how it really went. Here’s hoping we can survive our first *real* move! (I don’t know if the last ones count…weird circumstances. This will be the first time we pack up all of our married life belongings into a truck and drive away to a new home and unpack it all there.)

While life was a little slower, menu planning wasn’t quite as important. We could run to Kroger 5 times a week, go out to eat, or just do whatever we wanted for food. We enjoyed the laid back feel for a few weeks, but it’s time to get busy and start meal planning again. We’ve got pantry food to eat through, money to save, and we need a little structure in our meals again. Meal planning is such a lifesaver in times like this! Today, Husband and I took inventory of the food in our fridge/freezer/pantry because I would really like to avoid taking any food with us. We will gradually incorporate these foods over the next few weeks to avoid waste. This might mean eating some not so great meals, but that’s okay! It’s survival mode and I’m okay with that.

The Deans Eat 2

Monday | YOYO – Your on Your Own

Tuesday | Spaghetti

Wednesday | Black Bean & Corn Quesadillas

Thursday | Chicken Potato Bake & Salad

Friday | Out/Make-up Meal

Saturday | Skillet Pasta & Veggies

Sunday | Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans




The Deans Eat // Sixty Nine

Happy Leap Day friends! Leap Day is an odd thing. I mean, an extra day every 4 years… seems like a reason to celebrate, right? Instead, Leap Day is falling on a Monday which means it’s just like any old day. I’m curious – do any of you have a Leap Day birthday? Do you celebrate 2/28 or 3/1?  These are the things I ponder on a Monday morning.

This weekend was a busy wonderful weekend. Time with family and absolutely adorable nieces means a weekend well spent. I’m sure every aunt out there thinks this, but gosh – my nieces are the best. Friday and Saturday was spent soaking as much time up with them as possible. Sunday was one for the books as well – perfect weather, church, nap, long walk in the sunshine, a little cleaning, and binge watching Fuller House. Speaking of which, have you watched Fuller House? We’re not quite done watching it yet, but we love it in all it’s cheesy wonderful glory. I mean, nobody was expecting some perfect deep TV show, right? I love it for it’s cheesiness and I’m not afraid to admit it!

This week is a semi-busy one – Husband has a few exams, I need to play catch-up from the weekend, and we have a guest staying with us this weekend. When things get busy, meal planning keeps things a bit more sane. Sometimes I get frustrated that a meal fails or we eat out, but then I have to remind myself, if I didn’t meal plan it would be a dinner disaster every single day. So I keep on meal planning and enjoy the little bits of sanity it provides.

The Deans Eat 2

Monday | Mustard Balsamic Pork Chops, Roasted Veggies, & Mashed Potatoes

Tuesday | Spaghetti

Wednesday | Shepherd’s Pie, Salad, & Bread

Thursday | Crock-pot Chicken Fajitas

Friday | Chili & Cornbread

Saturday | Out

Sunday | Italian Chicken, Rice, & Corn