The Sunday Currently // Nineteen

I love Sundays for church fellowship, resting, planning for the week and more; but I hate that Sunday is the end of the weekend, meaning Monday morning is arriving so very quickly. Despite this, we try so hard to embrace our moments on Sundays, sometimes this means YouTube videos and naps laying  in bed all afternoon, and some weeks it means cleaning and laundry all day. The important part is that it’s the only day we get to spend all day together.

Today has been a crazy day filled with lots of emotions and ended up not being quite the relaxing productive day we imagined. Ya know what though? It was a good day, and a good ending to the weekend. Before the weekend ends though, I really want to get in a quick Sunday Currently post. I wish I was able to do these more regularly, but sometimes is better than never. I’m linking up with Kristin again, of course.

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READING // Plenty of blogs, but not much more than that. I really enjoy reading different blogs every day. I do my daily reading with Bloglovin’ which helps me keep track of whats been read and what hasn’t. How do you keep up with your favorite blogs. Feel free to follow me over on Bloglovin’ for easy reading!

WRITING // My Christmas list. Who says being an adult means you can’t  make a Christmas list? Plus, it always helps to have a few ideas when people inevitably  ask you what you do want for Christmas.

WATCHING // Gilmore Girls, Parks & Rec, and lots of Christmas movies. It’s not even Thanksgiving but we have already watched two Christmas movies, with at least one more this week if not more.

LISTENING // To Christmas Music!! I really am in the Christmas spirit and I’m so ready for full-time Christmas music. Have you heard the new Idina Menzel/Michael Buble version of Baby It’s Cold Outside? It makes me so happy, please. Go listen, now.

PLANNING // my Thanksgiving week. I work half a day on Wednesday and then will be spending Thursday with my Mom’s family in Ravenswood. I so enjoy my Thanksgiving traditions with them, and thankfully husband will be able to join us for the afternoon after he gets off work. Before then though, there are plenty of things to be accomplished.

ENJOYING // Dog cuddles. We have a new member of the family that has brought complete joy. We were dog sitting for my family while they were on vacation, but after a week the thought of her going away absolutely broke my heart. Following some discussion with various people it was agreed she would stay, at least for the time being. This dog mommy is very happy to say the least.

WISHING // I had a week to focus only on Christmas shopping, preferably at a decent mall. I love Christmas shopping, but unfortunately I’m lacking both time, and resources. Therefor I resort to online shopping, but believe me I wish I was walking around the mall hand picking each item.

FEELING // Happy. Wonderful. Plain ol’great. Going into Monday, that’s really all that matters.

Short sweet and to the point, but this is my life right now.

The Sunday Currently // Seventeen

Oh Sunday Currently, how I have missed you. The past two weekends have been busy busy and I have been out of town resulting in no weekend posting. Things seem to be calming down a little bit though and I really hope to get back into my regular posting. I love travelling and being busy, but at the same time  I like quiet weekends and relaxing with husband. I’m hoping things will slow down until the craziness of the holiday’s kick in. Which reminds me…I really need to get started on preparing for Christmas. I truly want to embrace the holiday season, embracing the spirit of it all, and not getting caught up in the craziness. Okay, I’ll stop on this rabbit trail.

I’m back and linking up with Kristin again over at Challenge Accepted. I’m so glad I get to join some amazing women in linking up with this weekly! One thing that I will be doing is trying out some new prompts for “currently”. Bare with me while I try to figure out what I like best.

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Currently . . .

READING Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I will admit I haven’t read much, but I am  slowly but surely getting into it. I’m excited to FINALLY get into this series!

WRITING more and more. Recently, writing has been making me excited and that’s a good place to be in. I like being excited about what I’m doing. Be expecting more posts on here in the coming days!

LISTENING to the Nashville CD’s recently. This is one of our favorite shows and the music is a huge contributor to our love. I love this music so much and I love singing along.

SMELLING spaghetti on the stove. Just a few more minutes and it’s time for dinner! I like easy Sunday meals. I don’t know how women used to pull off such extravagant meals on Sunday. Quick and simple are the way to go for me.

WEARING yoga pants and my favorite hoodie. Thank you fall weather! 

 PLANNING to order a new laptop screen this week. Unfortunately during a little incident yesterday my computer screen was destroyed. This is quite unfortunate considering I have a lot of pictures to edit and take care of. This will also have a little bit of an effect on my blogging. Hopefully we will be able to get a new screen and get everything back in working order soon.

ENJOYING the beautiful fall weather that has arrived. I adore fall (I know, join the club), and the cold weather is finally setting in. It’s chilly outside and inside! I’m enjoying wearing my sweaters and hoodies again.

WISHING husband and I could have one Saturday off together with no prior commitments. It stinks not having any days off together (Sunday doesn’t count, we are super busy on Sundays). We are aching to go out for a hike, but it’s so difficult to get away after Matt works on Saturdays. Someday!

HOPING I can accomplish all of my October hopes. So far, so good! They are big goals, but totally achievable.

NEEDING to finish menu planning for this week. After over a year of Menu Planning, it has definitely become on of my not so favorite things. It’s not all gourmet meals, and fairy tales. I unfortunately have to be realistic and actually grocery shop and cook the meals I plan for. Who knew?

FEELING like I’m slowly easing out of survival mode. I feel like I have been stuck in survival mode since I got my new job. Not thriving, simply surviving. The past week or so I feel like I am gradually pulling out of survival mode. Hopefully it will only improve from here on out! How do you stay out of survival mode? When it’s impossible, how do you make the most of survival mode?

That’s it for this week’s Sunday Currently. I’m spending my day watching football, meal planning, grocery shopping, cuddling, and choir at church. Shaping up for a perfect Sunday!

The Sunday Currently // Sixteen

Happy Sunday dear ones! I have exciting news! As you remember, Lauren over at Siddathornton has decided to end the regularly scheduled link-up. She was a wonderful host and after 100 editions I think I would be ready to pass it on as well. Despite this quite a few bloggers including myself were sad at the thought of not linking-up on Sundays anymore. Thankfully, Kristin over at Challenge Accepted has decided to err…accept the challenge of hosting The Sunday Currently ;)! I am so glad to be linking up with her think week and hope you will join us!

Currently …

READING my books for Doula Training. I have officially started reading the required manuals for my training. With everyone starting school I felt the need to get started on something. I am working on making a schedule of goals so I can get through this certification!

WRITING plenty of blog posts right now. We finally seem to have working wifi in our apartment which is making it easier to keep my blog updated. I am really excited about some things to come! Be sure to check back regularly.

LISTENING to the some background TV noise. As well as the sounds of the oven preheating. I’m about to make some cookies that I think will be quite delicious!

THINKING about all of the exciting things in my life right now. I have been able to participate in a few different photo shoots recently (with a few coming up), attend a birth, and work on growing my essential oil business. Exciting times here folks, exciting times.

SMELLING the remaining scent of dinner. I made Chicken Cacciatore in the crock-pot and it was pretty good! Although, I think it smelled better than it tasted.

WISHING my closet would clean itself out. We have a potentially decent closet but unfortunately it has become a major catch all and I’m not even sure it has a floor anymore. Not to mention this week I knocked over a box with ALL of my spare earrings that are missing their match, I now have about a million little earrings to pick up off the floor. Other than preparing for the weekend this is my one must accomplish task this week.

HOPING to find a cute dress sometime this week. We are heading to Ohio on Friday for my big brother’s wedding. I am so excited to be a witness to this wonderful union and to have a small part in their big day. I adore my brother’s fiancee and can’t wait to have her as a sister, and to gain her precious little girl as a niece! I love weddings no matter what and I’m sure this one wont disappoint. Now, to find a dress!

WEARING my comfy clothes. It’s Sunday afternoon, I’m blogging, baking cookies and resting a bit before a busy evening. What else would I be wearing?

LOVING all that we were able to accomplish this weekend. We washed tons of clothes, cleaned our little apartment, ordered essential oils, meal planned, and discussed adult things like cell phone plans (iPhone 6 anyone?)

WANTING to get a lot accomplished this week so we can have a semi-relaxing but mostly fun weekend. I hate being gone all weekend and coming back to a messy house with lots of chores to be done and then having to jump back into the work week first thing Monday morning. Hopefully meal planning will be done, the house will be clean and laundry mostly caught up. 

NEEDING sleep. Per the norm. Gotta get on a better sleep schedule. Lavender essential oil here I come.

FEELING happy! I’m going to be seeing some family this week as well as escaping for the weekend with husband. We rarely every get to go anywhere for the weekend due to stinky work schedules, but it’s going to be a blast. I love road-tripping with him!

I’m off to finish making cookies and prepare for a get-together this afternoon. I hope you have a great Sunday!

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The Sunday Currently // Fourteen

Another week passed, and another weekend almost finished. I am truly hoping that eventually one of these weeks I will be able to post more than my normal Sunday/Monday link-ups. I do apologize, but as I posted yesterday I’m still learning to balance things. until then, I will be faithful with my link-ups and attempt to get some new content out to you soon!

As usual I’m linking up with Lauren over at Siddathornton. You should join us and let us know what YOU are currently doing!

READING a whole lot of nothing. This comes back to the whole balance thing. I’m going to try to ready at least 15 minutes a day this week. It’s a small starting point, but hopefully it will get me started again. Plus, the month is coming to a close pretty quickly and I really want to participate in a book club at the end of the month!

WRITING see above. No balance, no time.

LISTENING to the Rend Collective Experiment Pandora station. We have a fancy schmancy Roku that allows us to play music from our TV and thanks to a small apartment I can listen and clean or make dinner. Husband picked this station the other day and it is a great one!

THINKING about this crazy crazy week I have ahead of me! Of course I have work all week, then Friday evening I head to Charleston for the weekend to celebrate my sister (more on that next week), we are attempting to eat in a completely different way, husband starts his classes (18 hours!) and Lord willing I will be attending a birth this week! It’s a bit crazy but I am going to try and get myself organized and ready to go today and hopefully it will be a successful week.

SMELLING dinner finishing up. Italian Chicken with fresh rolls in the oven…yum. Some of my favorite smells are when food is cooking and it fills the entire house with its scent.

WISHING that I could have gone to Indiana this weekend. My sister as well as a bunch of dear friends took a trip to Indiana to visit our former Youth Pastor and his family. They were my Youth Pastor throughout my entire time in the youth group, and he officiated our wedding. They are my second family and I love and miss them daily. We haven’t seen them since our wedding, but hopefully we can visit soon!

HOPING for baby girl to make an appearance this week. As mentioned multiples time I am being a Doula for my very first birth. ToNGday is Momma’s due date and we are ready for this little one to come! After two false alarms, my bag is completely packed and ready to go, now I just need to get the call!

WEARING some yoga pants and a tank. I look like I should go work out but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Instead I will be cleaning, meal planning, grocery shopping and trying to relax a bit more before Monday hits. I have been incredibly tired this week and not getting much sleep due to being on call. I freak myself out and wake up every hour to check my phone. So a nap may be in order as well.

LOVING the gorgeous flower husband brought home. Yesterday I asked husband to stop and grab a couple things at the store before coming home. As normal, he was understanding and went to go get it. When he got home he brought in an orchid! Every time we go to the store I admire the orchids, so it was very sweet of him to think of me and pick one up. So not only am I loving the orchid, I’m loving my husband of course.

image (8)

WANTING to start doing yoga and exercising in general. I have dabbled in it here and there and I always enjoy it! I might order a yoga mat this week and attempt to get started in some home routines. Also, tomorrow husband and I are starting a 30 day ab challenge. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

NEEDING to deep clean the whole apartment. We definitely don’t live in a totally trashed apartment, but I desperately want to deep clean and organize each room! Our bedroom is a huge priority to me right now, and hopefully I can work on that next week. I feel like if I could get the whole apartment clean and organized, then keeping it clean and sticking to a regular chore list would be easier.Hopefully it wont be too long until I can accomplish this!

FEELING exhausted. As mentioned already, I haven’t really been sleeping well at all. Last night was great, but I need about a weeks more of sleep like that. This past week was just a mess sleep wise, waking up too much, not falling asleep when I should, waking up 2.5 hours before the alarm goes off and then going into a super deep sleep that I struggle waking from, and taking short naps once or twice throughout the day. Shew. It’s a wreck! Any tips on helping your sleep cycle?

That’s it for this week! I’m going to spend the rest of my day preparing for the week. Check back tomorrow for our Menu Plan!

The Sunday Currently // Thirteen

Vacation has officially ended and I have to say I missed this little blog space of mine. We got home yesterday evening following a great week of relaxation, fun, and sweet sleep. We were a little lot worried it was going to rain the entire time. To be completely honest the first day we woke up and I looked at the weather I burst into tears and pouted for a good half hour. We had planned a pretty low-key vacation with minimal expenses since our days would be spent in the sun and I simply didn’t want to give up my ideas for this vacation. I hope to share more this week about how our vacation ended up despite my initial fears, but today is not the day for vacation re-cap because it’s Sunday! Which means I get to link up with one of my favorite bloggers Lauren over at Siddathornton for The Sunday Currently!


READING can I be incredibly honest and ashamedly say I did very little reading on vacation? Because I think I might have read a chapter in a book, if that. Husband doesn’t adore reading, so it’s difficult to sit down for an afternoon of reading with him, which is okay! I can make time to read on my own time. I am hoping to pick up a new book this week so I can participate in a blogging book club this month. More on that later!

WRITING again, I didn’t write as much as a I planned to this week. But that’s alright. I simply chose to spend my uninterrupted time with husband in ways we could both enjoy, which oddly enough was typically watching TV. We don’t have cable so having cable for a week was a real treat for us and just relaxing and watching shows we don’t normally have access to.

LISTENING to the silence of a Sunday afternoon. These are seriously some of my favorite times and nothing feels the same as a lazy Sunday afternoon. It is definitely the calm before the storm.

THINKING about my baby sister’s 18th birthday. I am the planner in the family and have taken on the responsibility of helping plan her party later this month. It’s going to be a blast but there is so much to get done! Also, I’m hoping this one doesn’t turn out like her 13th birthday I planned for her. Due to lack of sleep, pranks and other factors she ended up throwing her new cell phone at me and saying it was the worst birthday ever. Hopefully we won’t have that problem this year! (Just messing of course, it’s a long story)

SMELLING the wavering scents of Sunday dinner. Nothing special, just some simple chicken Parmesan but delicious nonetheless. Short sweet and to the point is how I like to do Sunday dinner/lunch. I don’t really understand how women pull together such a big meal on Sundays.

WISHING I had just a few days to pull life back together before jumping into the work week. Vacation is supposed to be rejuvenating, and while it is I always feel like I need a recovery period after vacation. But alas, this is not the case. Hopefully a good nights sleep will be just enough to get me kick started into the week.

HOPING to catch up at work this week. It really stinks missing a week of work while still being in the midst of training. I’m praying I’m not too dreadfully behind, but I know it’s going to take a lot of work on my part to catch up to everyone else I was hired with. I pray by the end of this week I will be caught back up.

WEARING shorts and a tank top, per the norm. I like to be comfy on lazy Sunday afternoons, so that only leaves so many options. I’m just glad I have clean clothes to wear after vacation. I tried to be smart and did the majority of our laundry while on vacation so that we wouldn’t spend all of Sunday doing laundry.

WANTING to get my office put together. My current setup is less than ideal and I desperately need to figure something else out. I’m not sure how much longer my back or my toosh can take sitting in a folding chair 8 hours a day. Hopefully we can start making gradual purchases to make it better. The first purchase will be an office chair I assure you.

NEEDING to pack up my doula bag. My first birth is quickly approaching! I’m so so thankful that baby stayed put until I was back from vacation, but now I need to be ready to go at basically any moment now. Hopefully I won’t freak out nearly as much when I get the real deal phone call as I did when I got the false alarm text. Oh who am I kidding, I’m sure I will be a ball of nerves. Despite that I am so excited to officially begin this journey of doing something I’m so passionate about.

FEELING thankful for the time away with husband this past week. It was so good to just reconnect and spend time focused on each other before life gets crazy again between our work schedules and his class schedule, we won’t have nearly as much time together.

It has been a wonderful week, but I am so ready to jump back into a structured day, and a slightly normal schedule. End your weekend well! I’ll be back tomorrow with our menu for the week!