Currently | April 2017

Somehow April is already here. This year is flying by and the last month since Baby H arrived has been the fastest of my entire life! Wow! These days I spend basically all day caring for my sweet boy and right now he’s taking a cat nap on my chest. I read some friends blogs and it reminded of what today was so I grabbed my phone and typed up this post because I’ve missed this link-up so much! I hope you’ll enjoy this little update and please excuse the fact that everything revolves around the baby now, but my entire life is wrapped around this little human and his schedule, so naturally he has to show up in what I’m currently doing ;). I’m still hoping to write his birth story soon, but until then enjoy this post about what I’m currently up to! 

ACCOMPLISHING | Nourishing a human. Friends, when you are breastfeeding it’s near impossible to accomplish anything in the first few months. This kid eats constantly and the past few days he’s been prepping for a growth spurt which means even more eating than normal. I’m literally putting in full time hours breastfeeding. Some days I don’t get off the couch. Feed, change diaper, sleep. It’s all we do. But today we found out Baby H gained THIRTY OUNCES in the last 17 days, so I guess the feeding is paying off. I do dream of when I can get some other things accomplished though, until then thank the Lord for an amazing husband who is picking up my slack! 

FEELING | Great! Minus the sleep deprivation of course.  It’s been a month since my c-section and while I’m not 100% back to normal, things are so much better than I thought they would be. Most of the time I completely forget I had major abdominal surgery a month ago. I know everyone’s experiences are so very different but I’m very thankful for my experience overall. 

NEEDING | to start packing. We are going to West Virginia this weekend for a very quick visit so Baby H can meet some of his great-grandparents and so we can introduce our sweet boy to the mountain state we call home. I’ve obviously never traveled with a baby before and I’m trying to avoid overpacking too much. Also knowing how long it takes me to get anything done these days and that I have to pack for two people this time I know I need to start packing ASAP if I want to be ready to go this weekend! Any tips for packing for a baby or traveling with baby? 

PRACTICING | patience. While I’m absolutely adoring this cuddly newborn baby stage, I do sometimes struggle with wanting to be able to get things done, go places, and get some sleep. Motherhood is definitely teaching me patience. For now I will keep practicing patience and work on savoring all of these moments when all my baby boy wants is to be in my arms. 

PINNING | Home decor ideas. Sitting in the living room nearly 24/7 has me very tired of the little decorating we’ve done since moving and with spring here I’m in the mood to spruce things up a bit. I also still have a few pieces of winter decor out that desperately needs to go. I’m specifically looking at budget home decor ideas as a one income family with a new baby we don’t have much money to spare. Hopefully I can update a few little things on the cheap soon! Check out my Pinterest here

Thanks to Anne and Jess for hosting this great link-up.

Baby Dean | 35 Weeks

35 weeks?! What!? How is it possible that we are SO CLOSE to the end of this pregnancy? Honestly for the most part this pregnancy has gone by pretty quickly. We are down to the last few weeks and I wanted to give a little update on how things have been, in just a few short weeks our sweet boy will be in our arms and I absolutely cannot wait!



Baby H

Size: GROWING!!! He might be a little bigger than average, but he is growing wonderfully and I would much rather him be growing too much than not growing at all.

Movement: He moves so much these days and I am dreading this stage being over. His daily movements give me so much joy and I know I will miss this special connection with him so much. He gets the hiccups at least once a day and at our ultrasound this week I got to feel and see his hiccups – SO AMAZING. I love watching my belly move as he shifts around in there, sometimes I just sit there and poke and watch his movement responses. Again, movement is such an amazing part of pregnancy.

Development: This little boy is nearly ready to make his appearance. According to my pregnancy apps he’s just finishing getting his lungs ready and growing, but most of the major development is done. It’s such a reassuring feeling knowing that he is basically ready to join us here, it takes away some of the anxious feelings for sure.


Looking forward to: Seeing this sweet boy’s face. We have almost everything we need and our home is almost ready to welcome him, his little clothes have been washed and folded and now I am just SO READY to hold him in my arms and see his sweet face. This time is so very exciting, scary, and unknown but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Aches & Pains: I’m knocking on wood over here, but I have seriously been SO blessed with a generally easy pregnancy. I keep waiting for it all to fall apart, but other than going to the bathroom constantly and a bit of back pain, things haven’t been bad. My biggest praise? Guys – I have been able to sleep SO MUCH. I have heard so many horror stories about pregnancy sleep & insomnia I was truly scared, but my body cooperated so well and sleep has not left the building – yet.

Health: On my last official baby update 13 weeks ago I mentioned a few possible complications I was experiencing. Things have been great overall but unfortunately my Placenta Previa still hasn’t resolved itself. Because of this, Baby H will be entering the world via c-section. I’m feeling a lot better about this overall, but it’s still taking some processing and I feel a little fear & sadness over the whole thing. However we are feeling overwhelmingly thankful for modern medicine and that the Dr’s were able to catch it and handle it accordingly. We are in good hands with our Dr, hospital staff and most importantly the Great Physician.


The Deans Eat // Eighty

I can’t believe the first month of 2017 is finished! January was full of lots of unexpected changes and honestly I spent most of the month trying to adjust both mentally and physically. It was full of rest, lots of quiet time, and taking a little time for me before life changes AGAIN when Baby H makes his entrance into the world. With February’s arrival I’m officially in GET THINGS DONE mode. We have just a few short weeks until a baby takes over our lives and I’m feeling the pressure to get us prepared in every possible way. One of those things is getting a few blog posts up this month, and still connecting with this space. I promise to have at least a few special posts this month so be on the lookout.

This past weekend, we headed to WV one last time before Baby H arrives. Our family and close friends showered us with lots of love and gifts for our transition to parenthood. I was blown away by friends and family that traveled many hours, adjusted work schedules, and came to celebrate with us. It was a jam packed weekend and so very bittersweet as we knew the next time we would be in that place and with those people there would be a baby to pass around. So many emotions that I can’t even begin to process quite yet.

We got home yesterday evening to a mostly clean house and I started working on a to-do list full of things that need to be done this week as well as things that need to be accomplished before we have this baby. First on that list per the norm was meal planning. Honestly, I was not feeling the meal plan this week, but it’s done and we won’t go hungry, so that’s a good thing. I was going to go grocery shopping today while Husband worked, then it hit me that grocery shopping by myself would not be an easy task at 8 months pregnant when I’m supposed to be taking things easy and avoiding lifting too much. So I ran to the store for the necessities for tonight’s dinner and I will have to tackle the grocery store with Husband in tow later on. Checkout what we are eating this week below!

The Deans Eat 2

MONDAY | Spaghetti, Caesar Salad & Garlic Bread

TUESDAY | Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes & Veggies

WEDNESDAY | Chicken Fajitas

THURSDAY | Family Dinner @ Small Group

FRIDAY | Shepherd’s Pie

SATURDAY | Spicy Italian Panini’s and Mac & Cheese

SUNDAY | Brunch & Eating out (or make-up meal)

Currently | January 2017

I figured the only way to start 2017 was by joining in with one of my favorite link-ups. Check below to see what I’m up to currently! Thanks to Anne and Jessica for hosting this great link-up.


GATHERING | All of the baby things! Baby H will be making his arrival in less than THREE MONTHS and we are definitely gathering more baby things. I would say you can spot a little baby something in almost each room of our home at this point. I have a feeling after our baby shower in less than a month it will be a full on baby explosion in this apartment and I don’t think I could be any happier about that!

MAKING | A plan! Some pretty big life changes have happened recently and will continue to happen over the coming months. My days look a little different than they have in the past and I have a lot to accomplish before the biggest life change of all happens in March. So I’m looking around, writing down plenty of lists and making a plan for how I will be attacking it all.

SIPPING | Water! I got an awesome RTIC stainless steel tumbler for Christmas and it’s definitely helping me get more water in my system. I’ll admit I don’t love drinking water, but it’s nice to be able to just sip on an ice cold water all day.

FOLLOWING | All the mommy blogs and Instagram accounts. I’ve always loved following these types of blogs/accounts but now as I look at this being my life pretty soon I enjoy it even more. My favorites? A few sweet mommas who’s due dates are very close to mine. I love following along with their journey’s too!

RESOLVING | To embrace all of the beautiful, hard, messy things life throws at me. More on this soon.

Baby Dean | 22 Weeks

So remember a few months ago, in the midst of all of the crazy this life has thrown our way, when I let you in on our secret? Well in case you don’t remember, we are expecting a little one to join our family in March 2017. I’ve been a little torn on deciding what things to share because I love sharing my life on this blog and social media, but this little life inside me is not entirely mine to share. There is no perfect solution and someday I could change my mind on all of this, but until then I will strive to make wise decisions in sharing but not oversharing. Today, I want to share some exciting stuff though! Grab a snack and read on, this is going to be a long one friends!


It’s a boy!

Last weekend we went home to see our families and tell them the big news. We found out at our anatomy scan ultrasound earlier in the week, but kept it a secret for a few days before telling them. It was such a fun get together with the people we love the most and we really enjoyed our time! I got these super cute scratch cards from Etsy for the reveal. I knew we wanted to do something so each person could have a little mini reveal since Husband and I already knew, it didn’t make much sense to do a cake or something like that. We were so happy with the way things turned out. The majority of everyone there thought it was a girl and when we went over some old wives tales the verdict was 3 girl – 6 boy. My momma was especially happy as she’s dreamed of a little boy for quite a while. We are thrilled and yes, Husband got quite emotional when the ultrasound tech said it was a boy.

So once the gender was revealed, the inevitable question was asked “What’s his name?”. Most of our family knew our girl name but we hadn’t really revealed the boy name yet as it had just been picked a couple weeks before. I desperately wanted a boy and girl name picked before the ultrasound so we could immediately know who this little one would be. We wanted something meaningful, timeless, masculine, yet unique. We searched lists and tried family names out from all sides. Mason had been on our list since high school, but that name has gained a lot of popularity since then, so we scratched that off the list. I would regularly look at name lists in my free time and one name kept standing out to me; it fit all the criteria and was a really special name to us, just not one we had previously considered. I was home alone and I tried it out with the middle name we liked and it just clicked. I felt a little crazy because I hadn’t even talked to Husband about this yet, so I quickly sent him a text and he agreed, it was perfect.

Hudson Alexander

Hudson is the last name of a man (and his family!) that has made an incredible impact on our lives. From being our youth pastor through our sometimes difficult teen years to marrying us before man and God as we officially began our lives together. Alexander is a middle name I’ve loved since high school for no specific reasons. Although I might admit that with my recent Hamilton obsession (based on founding father, Alexander Hamilton) I knew that if we had a son, I definitely wanted his middle name to be Alexander, thankfully Husband agreed. Our little man has a name and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s such a wonderful thing being able to talk to our little man and call him by name. We are having a son! EEEEEEEK! Now, for other important updates.

Baby H (How he will affectionately be known around these parts)

Size: Guinea Pig – HA! About a foot long and around a pound (if not a little bigger per the last ultrasound)

Movement: Feeling him move multiple times each day, trying to see if there are any patterns or triggers. Movements are definitely getting stronger with each day, I love it!

Development: His ears are developing more and more so he is hearing me and will start recognizing voices in the not too distant future. Also at the anatomy scan they said he is absolutely perfect and growing like a weed (although maybe a bit too much growth…here’s hoping he’s not a 10lb+ baby!). 


Craving: Not much really, I haven’t had any strong consistent cravings, although if I get it in my mind I want something, I reallyyyy want it!

Looking Forward To: Finishing our registry, although this might be causing me a bit of anxiety as well. There are so many options! Baby stuff is overwhelming but I’m trying to stick a more minimal feel and gender neutral on the big items. Hopefully we will have that done soon-ish though!

Health: I’ve been feeling pretty good overall although the second trimester has brought some pretty killer headaches that I’m ready to be done with. I also found out a couple concerning things at my recent Dr appointment that need specific prayer. 1) Placenta Previa, without going into too many details it can be dangerous at times but it also fixes itself a lot of the time. There is time for it to fix itself, so while I take things a bit more carefully for now we are diligently praying that God would allow it to be fixed and also praising Him that even if it isn’t, thanks to modern medicine Baby H and I should be just fine. 2) Gestational Diabetes is a bit of a concern. He is measuring ahead with a pretty round tummy which can sometimes be a sign of GD. We did a random screening last week and things came back PERFECTLY but they still want to go ahead and do an official early screening this coming week. While I selfishly pray I don’t have it, I really just want to know so I can adjust accordingly if needed for both of our health’s sake. Please be praying!

Well, I’ve written WAY too much in this blog post, so I’m going to sign off now. I promise to come back a little more regularly with updates on how things continue to go for both myself and Baby H! We so appreciate your prayers as we continue on this exciting, wonderful and terrifying journey of parenthood.